Author Topic: FOR SALE: 1966 Shelby GT350 Plexiglass Sheet..MUST HAVE FOR GLOVEBOX  (Read 634 times)

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Hey Guys,

Many of you might not know but every 1966 Shelby GT350 was intended to have one of these plexiglass care sheets. It basically explained how to take care of the plexi quarter windows in the 66 Shelby.

This little sheet was sort of an obscure piece and probably didn't serve much value to the original purchaser of the over time they were thrown out. Original examples have now become, easily, the most difficult item to find for the glovebox of any 66 Shelby.  I have guys ask me for an original all the time and I just outright generally respond that it is not likely that I'll ever come into another one. I had one many years ago.

To solve the problem I have recently found that someone out there (I have literally now idea who) took a high res scan of an original, changed a number of extremely small things on the front (none of which stick out to a common viewer), made copies, and then ghost printed "Copy" and "reproduction" on the back. Finally, they were printed on what appears to be original, aged paper.

Whoever this person is (again, I have no idea who he is although I heard that he is a remarkably handsome/unfathomably good looking young man) did a good job of making these and they will certainly fill the need of anyone wanting to have a "complete" 1966 owners manual packet. This item will also be suitable for D2 concours judging and it is "better than nothing" in D1. The judges would certainly appreciate seeing it...

Price: $50 per and whoever produced this item is not going to be making any more once the limited quantity runs out...

PM me or reach out at "vestes85" at gmail dot com if you would like one!

Kind regards,
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Re: FOR SALE: 1966 Shelby GT350 Plexiglass Sheet..MUST HAVE FOR GLOVEBOX
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6S2020 still has its original care sheet for comparison.