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Taillight lense question

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CSX 4133:

Can someone enlighten me the correct way to change out the taillight bulbs on a CSX 4000 series?  These are the stock rectangular one's.  I can reach underneath the fender and see the bulb but there must be a correct way to better access these.
Thank you for your assistance.


CSX 4133:

Still looking for a definitive answer. Anyone?  :-\

try contacting Nick Acton.
(603) 279-0241

CSX 4133:

Thank you for the lead, I've decided I'll have to develop some monkey arms and reach up underneath the fender and undo the two nuts to release the taillight assembly.


Yes the two 5/16" nuts will let it out of there. If the rocks are tossing up off the tires and breaking the bulbs there are covers for them that are polished on the inside to double as a reflector.


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