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Of course it's allways better to have a straight "Line" between gearbox and diff. But that means different engine mounts or different engine brackets at the chassis rails. I have never noticed that?

Notice engine offset to the right.

So it's a fact that the complete engine/gearbox package is offset to the right for ALL regular production Cobras??

The original CSX2000 Cobras had the offset per A-Snakes description and reasons.
The early CSX7000 Cobras did not have an offset like the original 260/289 Cobras and had drive shaft angles that were very bad given the length of the drive shaft. Both the aluminum and glass bodied cars had this problem, for whatever reason nobody at SAI in Zvegas bothered looking at an original chassis to copy the mints and the offsets, the mounts utilized a regular passenger car motor mount where the originals used the hipo designed mount. When SAI ordered aluminum chassis from Kirkham the chassis was void of engine and transmission mounting brackets. The problem was not that difficult to correct on the Kirkham chassis but the glass body chassis cars were very difficult to correct due to the “Daytona” backbone or trellis that ran from front of the car to back of the car.
Later Superformance built CSX7000 Cobras did not have this problem and utilized the CSX2000 Cobras engine and transmission bracket locations.

Thanks for the information.

Sometimes it's easier to mount the diff offset  and using a shorter lefthand driveshaft.


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