Author Topic: 2019 Rallye66 Benefit Car Show Carthage, MO  (Read 960 times)


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2019 Rallye66 Benefit Car Show Carthage, MO
« on: January 10, 2019, 10:48:16 AM »
I am working on something special for the 2019 Rallye66 Benefit Car Show which is held in Carthage, MO on Sunday, April 28.  While I understand this is a long shot to work the way I've dreamed it, I'm gonna cast the net out there anyway. 

One of the greatest comments I get when folks see my 68 GT350 Vert is, I can't believe you drive this car.  To which I respond, isn't that why it was made? What good is a car you can't drive?  Anyway, the public loves Shelby's.  They are such an iconic part of our Muscle Car Culture and I love sharing that with people at our local shows and while I may not win very many awards, our Shelby is often the most looked at and discussed and questioned, lol. 

So, to the point of this post.  I am making a Shelby class this year for our benefit show.  It would include all years and all makes of Shelby's.  So yes my old 68 would be in competition with a new GT350 but the class isn't about the best car but about the fascination the public has with these cars and the joy they get in being close to them.  I am officially inviting any who can make it to our event.  I realize the group of people who will actually be able to come is very small due to time and location and distance but I am extending the invitation all the same.

Our show is a benefit for a local Ministry called Peterson Outdoor Ministries.  The folks there work almost exclusively with our wounded combat vets.  POM provides hunting and fishing opportunities for these vets and is equipped to take even the most severely disabled veteran out on these hunts.  The amount of lives they are changing through their love and care is amazing.  They are making a difference and inspiring these men and women to live life again.  They reach out veterans of all our nations conflicts.

Below is a link to our site.  I am still updating the website for 2019 but most of the information is there.  Thank you all for even reading the post.  God Bless and I hope to meet you in person on April 28.


FYI-We are smack dab in the middle of Route66, AKA THE MOTHER ROAD, from Carthage you can hit 3 states in about 30min of driving hitting MO, OK and KS.  Lots of iconic sights to see here.  66 Drive-in, Joplin, MO, Galena KS where the original Tow-Mater is found.  Tons of fun.
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