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NOS Gurney Eagle Induction Kit
« on: February 13, 2019, 01:02:07 PM »
NOS Gurney Eagle Induction Kit - the rarest of rare Ford small block performance. If you’re viewing this listing you most likely know what this kit does for a small block ford engine. Conceived through design collaboration between Harry Weslake and Dan Gurney this aluminum top end which allowed the engine to breath freely and run well above 4000 rpm. Properly tuned it was well known to produce roughly 450 naturally aspirated HP. Used in Gurney’s Eagles allowed Gurney to win many races. I understand that these kits rarely are offered for sale.

The entire kit appears to be NOS and wrapped in old newspaper.

The items I have are as follows:

2 - cylinder heads
2 - valve covers
2 - water manifolds (L/R)
2 - rocker arm shafts
8 - exhaust gaskets
9 - valves
16 - pushrods
2 - breather caps
NOS hardware
Rocker adjustable studs
Rocker shaft pedestals
Valve seals
1 - 4V intake manifold

Please note - I AM NOT an Gurney Weslake expert! While 95% of the kit seems to be here, I noticed a couple of small things seem to be missing (I notice 9 pushrods vice 16). I bought this intending to put it in my project, but have since decided to go a different direction. Asking $12,000 US for all of it.

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