Author Topic: 289-302 Cobra Aluminum Oil Pan - Torrance, CA  (Read 414 times)


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289-302 Cobra Aluminum Oil Pan - Torrance, CA
« on: February 15, 2019, 02:52:00 AM »
For sale is an excellent condition reproduction Cobra cast aluminum oil pan for 289/302s in 65-73 Ford Mustangs and 65/66 Shelby GT350s. Purchased from Tony Branda Parts and currently selling new for $610; asking $400 + shipping from 90503.

•   7.5 qt total capacity (6.5 qt in pan, 1 qt in filter)
•   Outside fins and “COBRA” polished, like original
•   Features the original design of hinged "trap door" baffles to help control oil slosh, however, one of the two doors is missing. It would be easy to fabricate though.
•   Inside lip has been enlarged for easier installation with oil pickup
•   Casting areas around bolt heads have been smoothed to allow easier installation
•   Pan has been professionally drilled/tapped for ½-NPT (plug included), for use with most oil temp senders
•   Can use stock pickup (included)
•   Can use stock dipstick (not included)
•   Includes drain plug
•   Includes ’66 GT350 correct bolts, which work on any 289/302. However, using studs or Torx/Allen-head fasteners would work best since it’s difficult to get a socket or wrench on many of the bolts, with this pan’s design.
•   Uses standard Ford 289 oil pan gasket set (4-piece) (not included)

'66 GT350 tribute built over 12-years and finally being driven!