Author Topic: I found parts and dont know exactly what they are Shelby GT500 1967 + 427 parts  (Read 1085 times)


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   Scott ,
        There are all kinds of horror stories when it comes to balancing practices. WELDING plates and chunks of steel to counterweights? SURE. Body grinder to reduce weight on the throws SURE Two piece welded together "custom" rods SURE There will always be hacks who do "creative" engine building.
   You are right about LeMans rods not 'staying round" on the big end , it was not one of their strong points. The tri lobe bolts were terrible and popped heads often after simply being torqued down. We used the C7OE rod bolt back then and i switch them to an SPS CARR bolt now. This only slightly helps the "pinching bearings" problem. Why these rods are so highly praised is beyond me now that the aftermarket has superior quality H beams available. I understand being a purist and that's cool , but aftermarket rods certainly reduce "oil pan failures".
    "Balancing"  as you have mentioned is subject to interpretation . Balancing to 1/4 gram is no smoother than one balanced to 2 or 3 grams. To be "in perfect balance" EVERY cylinder would have to make the exact same power , have the exact same compression , etc.  IMHO that is impossible.
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     Personally, maybe less than ideal, but I always thought the "boxed" 392 rods back in the day was pretty cool, along with the added (welded on) center counter weight on the 427 cranks; and the 391 FT  cranks one had to weld plates to as the counter weights were cut down as compared to the 427's  :)

     My personal winner, for the most pieces of heavy metal stuffed into a single crankshaft, after I couldn't convince the "engine builder" that his creation was going to take way to much metal to be viable, if even possible, was 23 pieces!     8)

     Ah, the good old days of hot-rodding,...........well, maybe not always?      ::)



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I think part of the LeMans rods' lasting appeal is their name.   It just sounds cool.

If they merely had a part number, and weren't as good as today's rods, most people would've probably moved on.
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Hello, back from holidays, sorry. So the valve covers are original or not to a 67 Shelby GT500? I think they should be correct. For the 427 parts they came out of a 427 engine just some days ago and the engine did 462 hp on the dyno and worked great, I only dissassembled it to do some changes to it for more hp.

So GT500 correct are
Brake parts
Rag Joint
Valve Covers? 1 said yes 1 said no
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