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have you seen the skeetches in the other Thread ???
This are amazing for my Research Work ...

Nearly a Week with 12 Hours per Day i spending time to make an overview from Outside
and Inside from Princeton, overflowing from the Carter and even LAX Pics and the
knowledge that only a few People knowing something, but no person knows it all...

I am unsure if it is okay to make an own Thread, but i think i have some more Infos and
Photo analysed and so i will not spam the other thread...

For me both Thread have a reason to beeing in the Forum.

What do you think, what thinks the admins ?

But for First time lets start a Walk around Tour in the outside section

Fortunaly the Building are still exist and so, with help of Google Earth i can make some
Bird View Pics, Note: many things in Front and Backside are not like in the past days
but i will explain that pic by pic

Frontside and the Sidewall with 5 Windows in a row..

Backside of the Building with parking lot

Next Step we just walk from left to right Side in the Frondside.
Note: at the left Side there where no Windows, just a large Brick Wall

Frontside Pic
Note: the large center Window, the Door and the Garage door are
naturally modified over the years...

right Side show the little Street between 1042 and 1040 to the backside
of the Building

Backside is ar rare one with lot of Details to make Photo analyses
Note:  a little Door from Inside to backside
and even more important: 3 larger Windwos, each 8 Frames wide, 3 Frame high
the Windows are Barried ... NO Garage at backside !!!

But enough for present Pics, lets just call the DeLoran Time Machine from Back to the Future and
jump around 1960 - 1965  :o

First Pic we see from Carter Building Parking Lot to Princeton Building, often see the other way round...

Second one is most of the famous Pics from Princeton, Steve McQueen Visit in 1963, even with these
lovley Econoline Truck and notice this Van at the Garage door corner left side...

third is the Backside with the Shelby Hauler Truck , Richstangs ask in his Thread where the Truck stands.
Answer: Right here in the Backside, look at the Window Frames ...
when you looked at the other Pics from this Point in Time, this Truck just bring the FlippedHood Cobra
to Princeton Drive for Nassau Speed Week, and not to stand in front aera he is just parked behind
Edith: it is proofed that the Cab NOT standing behind Princeton Drive 1042, maybe at the parking lot
from 1040

Last Pic shown for today ist the first Pic inside, right from the Garage into the Building:
Note some very interesset Details in a Point of Time where knowone has these Famous Skeetch from the other thread:

so what we see for future Post looking even mor into the Inside of the Building:
- very early Pic from Cobra Production

- the posts working platform stands behind are shown in the Carter Building
Thread inside when there was the Cobra Production...
in later Pics we will see there are no more Post working platform at this

-most struggeling Detail for me (without knowing the Skeetch )
there is a Wall right backside, no bricket wall, a sliding door as well
but NO Windows at this Wall !!! but the Door exit on right side is open,
see some tires on a Rack and even on top some other stuff
-Poster from 10 Years Goodyear, we will see that later in other Pics

So what you think about that



Great job, Steve...keep going!!


This is a relevant topic to the Shelby American history so no need to worry if it is ok or not.
These are nice Google Earth current views with the angle looking down over the entire area.

Looking at this Diesel cab photo, I have decided it is most likely behind the 1040-1038 building, not Shelby American's 1042 Princeton drive building.
Here's why;
-1042 is not as wide as what we see in the photo. If it were 1042, we would see less windows and a gap for the alley way.
-I also do not think the cab is blocking the alley way. If it was, we would see more width to the building on the left as 1040-1038 is a much wider building.
-It does not appear have any matching features to the Carter Avenue building (such as the window placement, telephone/utility poles, etc)

Hmm interessting arguments, good Eye for Details  :o

When i saw the pic i only wondering about this Tree on the left corner side...

The other arguments i am not so "Hard" seeing on this point...
For sure it stands in the backyard of a garage :-D

But i will do a little resarch of that...

Notice that the address painted on the door of the cab is 6501 Imperial.

Do we know how long the cross-over time was when Shelby had Princeton & Carter and was moving into Imperial?  That would help signify the date.

I'm wondering if this pix could be at Carter?  Agree with Rich that it's not the back of 1042 Princeton.


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