Author Topic: GT Roadster GT/108 & Shelbys Promo Tour 65: Return to Riveside-3 new negativ pic  (Read 1594 times)

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Another pic of GT/108


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That's an interesting photo you found. Thank you for posting it here!
The GT/108 Roadster appears to be next to GT/104 (no11) and perhaps this was taken inside the race hanger at LAX.

Notice the tape residue on the nose in an offset square shape. That matches it's last race at the Nurburgring on May 23rd, 1965.
It would take about a week to ship back to the USA, so this photo would likely have been taken at the end of May or in very early June.
I'm suggesting it was at LAX since GT/108 was already in the US and appeared with CS and HFIII on June 8, 1965 at the open house.


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Thanks for your answers and pics ...

Nice to read and see some thougts from others.

This last Pic is very difficult for me, i saw it befor on the www an my research and it
was described but not importend for this story ...

unfortanally i dont find the source and describe.

Your explain with the GT40 in the Pic and a Timecode and your thougt it was on LAX
i tryed several search to figure that out, but i dont find any little thing to
double bulletproofed it.

But search go on and so i will soon show some new pics from Riverside

Stay tuned



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For a few days i found on the John Atzenbach Mecum Site a 3 negativ
from a GT Roadster and some Cobras and a GT350R

i was electrified and have some conversation which Richstang and
would like to share with you.

i never saw this pics befor and think normaly no one will notice that
this Pics was from the Riverside Event

But when you flip the negativ and enlarge it and have some known
Pics for focus the Details this is proofed for me.

So enjoy the Return to Riverside

first this known Pic from my first post, notice how the cars stand
in the Row

the first Dia negativ (flipped and enlarged) show the same standing
from GT/108, behind the GT350R and next to them the Cobra "x98"
new for this pic is Ken Miles Cobra "98" behind the first Cobra,
but we know that both Cobras was on the Event and driven

the second Dia negativ (flipped) shows the GT350R,
this is not 5R002 because of the Vent Windows, no Decals or Stickers on it
in the backround we can see the Transporter Caravan

the third Dia negativ shows the Cobra "98" driven by Ken Miles,
in the backround clearly you see the Riverside building,
right you can see the nose of an Alfa Romeo Car
on the B/W photo you can see this Alfa Car standing left to the building

for me this Pics are stunning and new,
what do you think

Greets from Germany


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Probably Freidman. How do we tell the 4 small block roadsters apart? 108, 109, 111 & 112. This is a good article on 109. I always remembered Dean Jefferies referring to his GT40 as his retirement project. A toy he was going to do after he closed his shop. PS 110 was a big block. I do realize the history of this car as the only one to run LeMans but being a SoCal guy I'm really torn that it is restored to original rather than how completed by one of SoCal's most famous and well known customizers. He also had some sketches he'd done for mild customization but left the body stock due to rising value.  (He arguably did start the Pirate Porsche trend many years before it became popular)

Hallo again,

i found two pics on a FB Site "GT350Lady" but without any source or Infos...

we can clearly see the GT/108 with blacked hood and Racestripe

and luckywise we can see a GT350R, a Daytona, a GT40, a Cobra
and a Lotus Ford ?

because of Richstang we know that the GT40 was P/1004, thx for that Info

but where or when was the Pic made ???

a Detail we see in the backround is that tower and so
Richstang and myself tryed to see that Tower on Watkins Glen,
because we know the GT/108 was on that Timecode in the same look

i found some pics for Watkins Glen with a tower but it seems to be
two different because in the direct Pic we see no forest in the backround

on the bird view pic there was everywhere forrest behind the tower

Maybe somebody here has any thought or know something about Watkins Glen
or even better the standort from the towers

i tried to maximize the tower and worked a little bit of the pic
i marked my thougts on the Pic

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Riverside April 30 - May 2 weekend
Anyone know the ID for the white street Cobra (289?) The other two #98 Cobra's are well known.
The R model is probably 5r001. There were only a handfulf of R models completed by that time and the few others were customer cars.
I don't think it's 5r002 as it had the single piece side window until at least 4/18/67. (By 6/27 it appeared with the added false vent window.

98SVT - was 06GT
I'm not sure if your asking how to tell the other roadsters apart from GT/108 in period or now.
There are several period photos of each car to tell them apart, but after they made their public appearances I haven't followed what changes may have taken place.
108 shown in this thread, was white with the blue side rocker stripes, later getting the blacked out hood
109 only appeared at LeMans June 20, 1965 in white with a blue center stripe (no15) It had hood vents that were triangular shaped but rounded in the center.
111 appears at the LeMans time trials in April 1965 in white (no7) with flat sided triangle shaped hood vents. It was repainted light green for Targa Florio (no194).
112 appeared at the Nurburgring in the same light green, but with white side rocker stripes (no10). The body looked the same as 111. By 1966 it was painted dark green.