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Rear spoiler mount brackets under decklid- used on all cars?

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I have a 70 boss and was missing the orig. rear spoiler. I now have one to put on my car but was wondering about the reinforcement brackets that go on the inside of the decklid (underside).  Were they used for all 69 and 70 mustangs with spoiler or was it based on plant or implemented in a certain month? Don't want to find and add them if they weren't correct for my car.  Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

I believe on all 70s as the decklid was changed and had punch outs on the inner decklid for the brackets. 69s did not use the brackets as no punch outs for them. Gary

Not used on 69 Boss 302's

 Here some good info for you


That’s very kind interesting regarding the reverse stamping on fastback deck lids but “normal”, conventional stampings on convertible deck lids.
Go figure.


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