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First Sunday of the month.

Cobras and Shelbys on PCH.

Going tomorrow Alan?

didn't see this til just now . . .  yeah, i was there.

So is this every 1st Sun of the month,i know the spot & it's great location for sure  thanks Adam

Several months were skipped during the pandemic.

It is more of  pop-up show, with no announcements so you never know for sure if it's gonna happen.

Warning bout the parking lot. You are issued a parking card when you enter. If you leave within two hours it's $10 or $12 (can't remember). But if you leave one minute past, it's $30! "How can they do that?" I hear you asking. It's then you find out it's not a public  beach but a private beach/trailer park/restaurant who can do whatever they damn well please.


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