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Extra parts
« on: January 26, 2018, 11:13:09 AM »

I don't know why it happens but whenever I take something apart I always end up with extra parts. I took my 1970 GT500 apart and now I am putting my  back together (almost done ... yipeeeee) and naturally I have some left over parts. The rebuild and assembly continues and I'm coming down to the final moments. That being, a final paint, decal installation and then a final clear coat. Now I was pretty careful to photograph (digital), bag and tag everything when I was taking it apart and back up the photographs to a second computer.

However, before I could commit a number photographs to DVD, some socialist decided that my property needed to be liberated and walked off with all the computers in the house which including my photographs and their backup.

Now I find myself with some parts that I recognize as coming from my car but cannot remember where they belong and don't have the documentary evidence to help me. And as I mentioned the car is substantially together with the exception of some door panel parts so they are not critical to the operation but I would sure like to know where they go. So I asking the help of the members here if they recognize what they are and where they go and would help me by sharing that info with me. Photographs of said parts in their home would be a bonus.

I have included some pictures of the left overs, please have a look and help me if you are able and would be so kind.

Thank you all in advance.