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Purchased about ’99 in western Illinois, this car was a Mustang GT Fastback 2+2 with a 289 4 barrel, C-4 transmission, 3:00 open rear end and drum brakes all around and close ratio steering box.  It was a real clean car when I bought it and I drove it like that for about 3 months. I’ve always wanted an R model, so I decided to build one.

I pulled every nut and bolt off and bagged everything. I stripped the car with stripper and brushes and then had it soda blasted. I gave the chassis to Harry Willett at Willett Coachworks in Orland Park, IL. Harry is a two time inductee into the International Show Car Hall of Fame. Not only did I give him a bare chassis, he received the necessary sheet metal and we went over the approach together.

Prior to giving the car to Willett I spent time at the SAAC conventions measuring the real deals, checking the wheel openings, etc. You could see where presumably Shelby had sledge hammered the wheel house into the trunk to make room for wider wheels along with other anomalies. In other words between the real R models there were similarities but they were not exactly the same.

So we decided not to cut open the wheel arches and rolled and welded the lips shut and pulled the opening out a bit. With the lowered stance and 15 X 7 torque thrusts with 225 X 15 (50’s or 60’s, I run both) there are no interferences.

Along the way the very first full floor piece was made available to the Mustang hobby and I got in line quick. The full floor approach made for a very clean interior floor to look at as in an R model its bare metal. In every case all factory welds were duplicated. With the full floor replacement all frame rails were made inert with POR 15.

The stripes, both top and side, are under the clear coat. In Wimbledon White and Guardsman Blue, with the GT350 logo in the correct sticker and slightly off color, the way it should be.

The chassis was back in my garage a bit longer than a year later. I had been collecting the necessary parts along the way. NOS export brace. Original bucket seat. Underside is all Cobra Automotive. Upper and lower roller bearing A-arms, Koni’s,  and cut-down springs, competition hollow sway bar and competition cross member, quick steer arms, the steering box was already a true GT X-box 16:1 and it was gone through. K/H front disc brakes with Carbon/Kevlar pads on grooved rotors.

The rear axle is Cobra 3” all the way, no neck down, so you get to use the big beefy competition U-bolts and big bearings. It rests on the road race leaf springs with the solid front mount and slider rear mount with the adjustable spring rods in lieu of solid over-riders. 3:89 lightened Strange gears bolted to DPI Black Gold Track differential with Strange Iron N case. Moser axles. 11” X 2-1/4” finned Master drum brakes with Cobra Carbon Kevlar shoes

Five American Racing Torque Thrust D’s were polished on the edges and the centers painted a magnesium-like color for a fantastic vintage look. All four corners received the long competition wheel studs with the long nuts.

Top-loader is per the book white stripe close-ratio build. The shifter is the long bend, not the tighter bend shifter handle. Clutch is Centerforce friction-disk and pressure plate (zero balance) with McCleod hydraulic throw-out bearing and scattershield. Pedal assembly was rollerized by Mike Mulcahey. Flywheel is seven pound two piece aluminum Fidanza, also zero balance.

The engine(s) have been different iterations along the way. The current build is quite the vintage arrangement. Block is an original 20,000 mile ’66 289 bored .020”, oil galleys taped. All internals are forged D.S.S. with custom billet aluminum main caps and billet aluminum girdle all covered by Aviaid 6 quart road race pan. Lifter valley ground smooth and all oil return holes radiused. Internally balanced with final displacement of 331 cu. in. Zero deck. X-groove forged pistons with gapless rings. I-beam forged rods. Heads, recently located in Toronto, Canada are #386 1 and 2 sequentially numbered 1965 Hi-Po R model race program heads originally done by Valley Head Service. Sealing surface to valve cover is scribed “Ported and polished by Valley Head Service, Canoga Park, CA”. Banana water ports are welded shut  and have the thorough 1965 hand port job done by Larry with larger intake valves. Larry Ofria did the original deal with Carroll Shelby and he is still with us running Valley Head Service! Naturally all supported by photos and paperwork.

Intake is a flowed and port matched Victor with all logos ground down and sand/glass bead finish to match original. Carb is 715 Le Mans bowl Carb Shop Stage 3 4-corner idle that BLP (Bo Laws Products) now takes care of and they put their billet metering blocks in and removed all choke elements. Spun aluminum air plenum intake with customized K&N filter.

Camshaft is Comp Cams 4-pattern NASCAR 7200 rpm hydraulic roller with hydraulic roller anti-pump up lifters. Lifters have the link bars that will not disassemble. It is fantastic and maintenance free. Once a year just check for a full turn of preload and bolt on the valve cover.

Distributor is date code correct hi-po unit with Petronix pick-up and big shaft and bearing done in Visalia, CA back in the day at the old BR Motorsports shop. MSD 6AL under the dash firing AR32 Autolite racing spark plugs. B-17 bomber toggle switches (just like the FIA cars) the NOS Stewart Warner 240A fuel pump and start switch on the floor column mounted box with brake bias knob. Mechanical CARter button top concourse fuel pump from noted Shelby judge.

Exhaust is concours Tri-Y’s from Shelby Parts with Moroso crankcase evacuation system puling those gases through correct R-model valve covers.

Alternator is one wire GM with proper pulley and spacer. Water pump is Edlebrock, again with no logo and proper finish. All pulleys from Cobra Automotive.

Radiator is the real deal NOS in the box big-block Galaxie unit from Bob Perkins. OS oil cooler and adapter from Tony Conover. Delta Bay Puke Tank sits in front battery location.

Interior has set of Branda R model gauges, real deal competition driver’s seat with custom round bar reinforcement and Naugahyde cover. The whole affair bolts to the Mustang seat slider. Passenger seat vintage OS Mustang. Laps belts are vintage – shoulder belts are in-date. In-date lap belts ship loose. NOS outside air box. Spare properly mounted. Talbot spun aluminum side-view mirror and Wink rear view mirror. Radio delete plate signed by Shelby at SAAC 29. I have picture of him signing it.

Plexiglas side, vent and rear windows. Window frames are old R-model reproductions from Craig Connelly that are a perfect match to the originals.

Fuel tank is custom fabricated from two Mustang bottoms and per the original drawings except rather than all the noisy baffles I went with Fuel Safe foam with a cage around the pick-up. Built 14 of these tanks and they were quite well received. Battery is Optima Red with pigtail negative lead to cut-off switch. SW 240A mounted drivers left per most of the cars.

People get out of their cars at red lights to view this car. It sounds, feels and drives like a real 1965 R model. I think that is why Chuck Cantwell, Peter Brock, Bobby Rayhal and Carroll Shelby have their signatures on it. Lastly, it placed first in Replica class popular vote at Shelby Convention #41 at Mid-Ohio.

Engine being freshened now.

As Is - less engine - $55,000.00
Ready for battle - $75,000.00

This is a tough one, just time for a new caretaker.
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