Author Topic: 289 FIA Kirkham chassis for sale  (Read 937 times)


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289 FIA Kirkham chassis for sale
« on: November 10, 2019, 08:07:49 AM »
I have a 289 FIA cutback door Kirkham chassis for sale. $8500.00 or best offer. The  many replica 427's are heavy, hideous copies of the original and a glut on the market. The 289 FIA cut back door edition is light, responsive, agile, and more suited to street driving, IMHO. This chassis presently has a 289 block, T-10 case and tail housing bolted in it. As well, foot boxes are temporarily installed. Oh, and if interested, I have available a 289 FIA cutback door aluminum body for $10,000... a fraction of replacement cost..a few other original bits if you are interested in the chassis. located in the NW.