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Pre-purchase inspection

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Anyone near Renton WA interested in looking at a GT350?

If its the green car from eBay, ask the seller the VIN. I have found, the seller is unwilling to provide basic information. The ad is very vague. The lack of details and candor are not good signs.

The car appears to be a car that was on this forum two years ago.  Good luck

Yes itís the lime green poly car. He sent me a link to a bunch of pics which include the Vin, Shelby tag, door tag and Marti report. Iím told the Vin provided is in the registry.

He ďacceptedĒ an offer from me that I thought reasonable but has become less communicative since I asked for an inspection. Iíve been waiting on him to get back to me but am not holding my breathe.

I would be careful sbout sending money.

Iím not. I need to have some level of comfort with a seller and Iíve asked to speak to him 3 times to no avail. Red flag.


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