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2/22/2020 is SAAC-MCR Appreciation Day

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congratulations on your recognition

The 12 day of Christmas is past. What can we do to keep the holiday spirit alive? By tradition, we have planned an event after the rush has past, usually in January. Scheduling has caused us to have our holiday party rather late this year. Any kind of Christmas theme is a stretch for the fourth Saturday in February. It’s after Ground Hog Day, Valentine’s Day will be over. Our government observes Washington’s Birthday on the previous Monday, to provide them with another three day weekend. Fortunately, February 22, 2020 just happens to be SAAC-MCR Appreciation Day. A day to celebrate the club, it’s members, and all the things the club stands for: the preservation, care, history and enjoyment of the Ford powered vehicles from Shelby American and the enjoyment of all performance vehicles from Ford Motor Company.
We hope you will join us in this celebration.

I'll be there for ya John

Do you have to be a member to attend? Hey, it is in my BACK YARD(My sub is behind the civic center). Gary
PS, I know, I need to join again...


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