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Hurst Shifter- which one?

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I need a Boss 302 4sp 1970 shifter assembly, lever, rods etc. I have read enough where the chrome shift lever is easy enough to identify as a 70 and same with the rods because of the Dxxx #'s.  The question comes in with the body of the shifter. I have seen even on the Boss 302 page a shifter and its labeled as super shifter . When I look on ebay there are some that are stamped competition plus and others just say Hurst and their bodies all look (to me at least) like the same body and levels and they are being called 70 boss shifters. Anyone know what they came from the factory with?  Prices are all over the place and I would prefer to get the correct one if spending the money on a used one.

Note: I didn't post to the Boss exchange because I can't seem to register there (same problem people used to have here)

I picked up a complete setup in a parts trade about 30 years ago. The body says Competition Plus. I tried sending you a PM but it won’t go through.

papa scoops:
the factory shifter will have the push in shifterlever (the chrome thing) it will snap into a rectangular slot, the otc ones bolt on. don't forger the starter interlock rod also.  pred

Special Ed:
70 ford hurst had a blue color code on the side .

Are any of the pictures I posted 1970 mustang/boss? (all were claimed to be original 70 boss/mustang on ebay). If not, anyone have any pictures they could post of the visual differences - I'm not real familiar with shifter terms so pictures help? 

The push in shifter lever is a good one I can look for. Would there be a specific code on the body just like they did on they chrome handles?


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