Author Topic: CSX 3120 claimed to have been found in France  (Read 2655 times)


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Re: CSX 3120 claimed to have been found in France
« Reply #15 on: February 15, 2020, 05:32:12 PM »
[quote author=shelbydoug link=topic=9309.msg77357#msg77

Besides the fact that as Kopec says, "these cars are owned by Captains of Industry and you're not one of them", I don't even want to go near the "Cobra Corral" at the convention. They circle the wagons for a reason and the last time I approached it, they all started leaning on their side arms.

Apparently Cobra ownership has achieved new heights of exclusivity? So what do you folks do to drive them? Buy a private island?

Now, Doug...It can't be as bad as all that. Consider the folks who managed to buy a Cobra back in the early '70s for around the price of a new Mustang. (That would be me, for example.) If they simply enjoyed the car, and maybe traded it for a slightly better one as time and luck allowed, today they have a nice car with a minimal investment. And they aren't all Captains of Industry, since many remain reasonable, normal people. I know many such folks and I bet you do as well. And we're glad to see you in the Cobra Corral, at the convention or anywhere else.

Someone rounded up a posse to head me off when they saw me coming. Don't feel bad though, I got yelled at same day by the Concouse folks. "YOU can't come here!"

I hadn't even killed anyone that day either?  It was still early though. :o

Nah. Rick's right. Harsh but right. I'm not a Cobra guy anymore. Maybe a Prius?

Some bought them in the '60's and '70s? Not everyone's as old as you and I Ned?

Reminds me of when I asked about 3218 and was told, "You can't have a 427, you have to get a 289 first."? However that wasn't a Captain of Industry selling that car, it was more like Captain Crunch?  ;)
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