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We have done a "soft" open of and the Registration system.

The website will continue to be updated within the next two weeks as more details become available to us.

Both Jay and I will be on the road for most of this week (3/1 - 3/6), but we have tested the software and it feels "OK"

Use this thread to post any questions or problems that you may encounter.. we will address them at the end of the week.


Don Johnston:
Signing up.  Interesting new event driving a pace car on full oval at 100 mph.  Too bad that they are the last of the C7 Corvettes pacing the 2020 Indy 500.  Also, the autocross is nice to have available.

Looking forward to the fun and going nuts. 8)

Hi Ron, I just used the registration system to register for the SAAC 45 events, and it worked flawlessly. Thanks, Denny

Don Johnston:
Same for me last night.

Oh, rechecked the pace car selected for 2020 Indy 500 and it looks like it is a white/red interior C8.  Good time to check the new competition.  8)

Easiest hotel registration ever.  Thanks - good job.


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