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Mustang Magazines (Updated List)
« on: April 02, 2020, 08:47:00 PM »
All the magazines are in excellent shape;

$2 each plus shipping:

The Rodder’s Journal, number 15
The Rodder’s Journal, number 18
The Rodder’s Journal, number 23
The Rodder’s Journal, number 15
Drag Race Chassis Tuning Manuel by Chris Alston

$1 each plus shipping:                               Cover Article

September 1970 Motor Trend, 71’ Mustang, Mach1: Wildest Fastback.
Hot Rod Magazine-Mustang Spring 1984; 10-second street Mustang!
Hot Rod Magazine-Mustang Fall 1984; Special Engine Swapping Guide
Hot Rod Magazine-Mustang Winter 1984; Buying Tips For Used Mustangs!
Hot Rod Magazine-Mustang Spring 1985; Those Fabulous Mustang Convertibles
Hot Rod Magazine-Mustang Dec 1985; Still Available:  Early Factory Parts!
Hot Rod Magazine-Mustang Feb. 1988; Bombshell
Hot Rod Magazine-Mustang Sept. 1989; Super How To Issue

Mustang And Exotic Fords Jan 1985; Restoration: Wheels and tires

50 cents plus shipping:                     Cover article

Mustang Monthly May 1985; Beasts and Beauties
Mustang Monthly September 1989; How to buy a Mustang
Mustang Monthly May 1994;  50 plus tips How To Buy
Mustang Monthly August 1994; 5.0 Combos That Smoke
Mustang Monthly May 2002; baddest ever built
Mustang Monthly October 2012; special editions
Mustang Monthly December 2012; what is it worth?
Mustang Monthly June 2015; The first Shelby

Mustang & Fords September 1994; 4500 Mustangs!
Mustang & Fords July 1995; GT Collector’s Edition