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Great info .... sure appreciate the part numbers.  Local Ford guy was in the dark until I told him they were the same parts as on the California Special.  Got them on order ....... Thanks !!!!!  Dave W

Ask a Registrar / 2006 GTH "Under tray or Splash Shield" parts
« on: May 18, 2022, 01:29:05 PM »
Anyone with any info regarding where I might find body parts for 2006 GTH "Front Facia/Underside "Air Deflector" parts?????  Thanks,  Dave W (

Screwed up front facia (it is ok I can fix it) but the air deflector/underside splash shield for 2006 GTH.  Would sure appreciate anyone with any info on where I might search or find the parts.  Thanks,  Dave W. ( 

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