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1965 GT350/R-Model / Re: 65 GT350 T10M speedo gear
« on: September 17, 2023, 02:08:33 PM »
T10M came originally with a metal drive gear and 7 teeth and equipped with the original blue dot tires and 3:89 rear axle gears
the driven gear was L20 i.e. 20 teeth.
Texas Swede

Up For Auction / Re: 67 Hubcaps on Ebay
« on: September 16, 2023, 06:10:48 PM »
Sorry Bob,
Didn't check the boxes just read the description at the bottom of the page.
Texas Swede

Up For Auction / Re: 67 Hubcaps on Ebay
« on: September 15, 2023, 08:47:02 AM »
The Ebay auction specifies the Thunderbird part number, and I thought the Shelby hubcaps used the S7MS number.
Wonder if they are the Thunderbird unit and a Shelby emblem was attached.
Texas Swede

1966 Shelby GT350/GT350H / SFM 6S 1228
« on: August 29, 2023, 11:58:55 AM »
Hi guys,
Heard through the grapevine from Sweden, that the White Hertz car 6S 1228 was sold from Sweden to somebody in the USA.
I tried to buy that car in 1976 but a guy from Gothenburg, Sweden beat me to it. His name is Tommy Carlsson and it took him 30 years to restore the car. He sold it to a guy in the USA who flew to Sweden and picked it up and had it shipped over the pond.
It was featured in a Swedish Car magazine Bilsport in 2014.
Texas Swede

1965 GT350/R-Model / Re: 65 GT350 fuel sender wire insulation.
« on: August 28, 2023, 08:53:20 AM »
My car, having a higher Shelby number, 275 to 228, than yours, still have a lower Ford number.
My brackets are dated 4 23 2D on passenger side and 4 26 2D on driver side.
There used to be a guy here in the Dallas, TX area who rebuilt (recovered) the wire harness,
to the rear lights including the fuel sending unit with the correct material. Believe his name was
Pat White III. He did an excellent job on my car. Sadly, I believe he is gone since many years.
Texas Swede

1965 GT350/R-Model / Re: C4ZE radiator
« on: July 31, 2023, 03:02:55 PM »
What Bob says makes perfect sense as Y2 was for a 4-speed V-8 like the G2. I believe F2 on your radiator means it was for
an automatic car. Does it have any connection to the auto oil lines at the bottom.
Texas Swede

1965 GT350/R-Model / Re: C4ZE radiator
« on: July 31, 2023, 12:11:03 PM »
No, a 65 Shelby should have a G2 and not F2.
Texas Swede

This picture was taken at LAX in late May.1965.
First car in first row is #283, second is #276, third is #275 (my car) and fourth is #273.
There is a larger picture showing a car left of #283 and it's #290.
Haven't found any earlier picture.
Texas Swede

1965 GT350/R-Model / Re: Trunk battery
« on: June 29, 2023, 08:09:34 AM »
This is a picture of the reversed post battery.
Texas Swede

CSX 3000 Series / Re: Ethanol, gas
« on: June 26, 2023, 07:44:00 AM »
To me, ethanol makes no sense at all to use with gasoline. Here in Texas, I buy ethanol free 92 octane from Buckee's and then I put Seafoam in the tank to preserve the gas.
Texas Swede 

The Lounge / Re: Ebay sinks to new low
« on: June 19, 2023, 11:27:43 AM »
I have stopped using Ebay, Budweiser and Target, period.
Texas Swede

1965 GT350/R-Model / Re: 65 Grill Support Hardware
« on: June 03, 2023, 04:28:40 PM »
Hi again Jeff,
Here is the picture.
Texas Swede

1965 GT350/R-Model / Re: 65 Grill Support Hardware
« on: June 03, 2023, 04:21:31 PM »
Hi Jeff,
I looked at AMK's homepage and the part number is Ford I-kit F-387 which include bolts, nuts and slot screws,
When you look at Indivifual Kits just click on the camera at the far right and an excellent picture shows up.
Texas Swede

1965 GT350/R-Model / Re: 5R097
« on: June 02, 2023, 12:04:03 PM »
If my memory serves me right, many years ago I bought a 65 Shelby 7/16"oil pressure line from what was said to be
from 5R097. Had it for many years and finally traded it with a friend. Never used it as I have the original 1/2" line on my car.
Texas Swede

After I changed to a solid-state regulator with the correct cover, I have never (knock on wood) had any problems.
The way it made itself visible was the flickering or always showed a weak red lamp at idle.
Texas Swede

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