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I was putting a transmission in my friend's 70 Boss 302 today (going from a close ratio transmission to a wide ratio transmission) and I couldn't help but notice it's obviously green undercarriage instead of the usual red oxide primer you would normally see. This is an unrestored undercarriage and it is clearly all the original paint under there. This car has a mid January build date from Dearborn. Are there any other 70 Boss 302s in this time frame with this unusual green undercarriage paint? It's kind of like lime gold metallic without the metallic. Just for reference, some years back I worked on someone's 73 Mustang convertible that was light blue that also had this green paint on the undercarriage and this car was light blue and had 19,000 original miles on it.

Appeals / Re: Picture of 68 CJ accelerator bracket
« on: February 22, 2024, 11:07:30 AM »
Here is a photo from the 428 Cobra Jet Registry site of a 1968 throttle bracket.

Simple answer really. Because I want to.

If a good used one came along at the right price, I would probably go for it. But for now, I'm going to see how this one turns out.

Okay. Parts came. Turned an RUG-E3 Mustang/Cougar small in small out wide ratio 4 speed into a big in big out wide ratio 4 speed. Next step is to get it in the car.

Can you imagine how fast they would be going if they let them run the last 320 ft? The Top Fuel and funny cars would probably be close to or over 350 mph by now!

Parts For Sale / Re: Nos 68-69 4sp shifter knob
« on: February 02, 2024, 09:21:19 PM »
Just so you know, that is a 1968 knob. 1968 knobs have a flat top 3. 1969 knobs have a round top 3.

Does the "down slope" make it easier for new or younger enthusiast to get in?

It seams at the last two major auctions, the custom modified cars were selling very well.  The selling prices felt more than the bone stock cars. Did I miss read that?

Last, here is an example of down slope with a 1968 GT-E Cougar.  Both cars appears to be well restored and the same color cardinal red.  The one that sold in 2024 was an XR7 with leather interior and the other in 2011 was standard.  They both sold exactly the same,  $181,500 with fees.  Who got the better buy?  Thirteen years difference.  The 2024 sale in 2011 dollars is $135,708.  The 2024 GT-E Cougar was a better buy and with more options.  (Yes, only one example, but does illustrate the trend.)

Cory $220,000 with fees!!! :o

This is a street car. I'll never put slicks on it. It's just for fun cruising and occasional 100-to-200-mile trips. I don't think I will ever come near the failure point on the aluminum tail shaft.

So, David Kee called me today to discuss my order. My plan was to have the small output tail shaft machined to accept the big output bushing and seal (he said this can be done without compromising strength) but then I asked him about the aluminum 31 spline tail shaft he has listed but had no price online. It is $395.00 with the bushing and seal but he only has a few left (having issues getting them made due to supply lines). I ordered one. Doing a little math, 2.78 X 3.50=9.73.  2.32 X 4.11=9.535. My 1st gear will be better with the 2.78/3.50 gear combo than my 4.11/2.32 combo. I would need a 4.20 rear gear to match that, 2.32 X 4.20=9.74. I can't wait to do this swap! And if I put my 4.11s back in, 4.11 X 2.78=11.425! Now that will be a real tire frier!

A 5 speed would be great. But have you priced a TKO lately? Around $2900.00. Plus a shifter, a clutch that fits the input shaft, crossmember? Adds up fast! Also, the TKO 600 has a 2.87 first gear. A TKO 500 has the 3.27 first. A WR top loader has a 2.78. Around $600.00 in parts, my time to rebuild a transmission I already have (I rebuild them myself) and install it in the car, I get better acceleration in first like I want. I drive this car maybe 800 miles year. The expense just isn't worth it to me. I ordered the parts already. When I get it done, I'll let everyone know if it was worth it.

Years ago when Englishtown was still open I drove there and got this 4250 piggy to go 14.07 at 103.71 mph with a 2.71 60ft time! It bogged off the line, I shifted at 5800 and went through the lights in 3rd with the 3.25 gears. A little gear multiplication can't hurt any.😁

Everything your saying is true but, 2.32 x 3.5 = 8.12. 2.78 x 3.5 = 9.73. For$500.00 and my time to rebuild a transmission i already have and R & R it, I'll take it. Of course I can sell the RUG-AE transmission and fund a five-speed.

Basically I'm looking for a cheap way to get some more acceleration in my big fat station wagon without putting my 4.11 gears back in. It looks to me like if I spend about $500 at David Kee for the two parts I need plus the rebuild kit, change the driveshaft yoke and rebuild one of these four speeds I have myself, that's a great way to get the job done. I'm running 28 inch tall tires and when I had the 3.25 gears in the car I could take first gear up to almost 65 mph! The 350s are a better compromise. I can cruise at 70 at 3000 RPM but first gear acceleration is still a little lacking. I'm thinking the 2.78 first gear with the 3.50 rear gears will give me what I want.

I honestly think you would be better off just swapping for the right BB transmission but the place to look for parts if you insist would be at

David Key has reproduced many if not all parts for the Ford T&C transmissions.

That is what I have now. An RUG-AE 68 1/2 transmission (8F186445  vin stamped). So it seems David  Kee has the parts to do it. DK296-5C 1 3/8" big block length wide ratio 4th gear and DK296-1A bearing retainer. Has anyone else tried wide ratio with big block? 7SMS427, that's exactly what I want.

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