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Baseball time!

Come see the AAA Phillies baseball team, the Iron Pigs in Allentown PA! First pitch at 6:30, tickets free to SAAC members, $5 parking. Club has a block of 20 seats reserved. Great stadium!

Contact Dan for more info.

Lehigh Valley Region SAAC / September 2023 Club meeting
« on: August 08, 2023, 09:25:17 PM »
Next Lehigh Valley Shelby Club meeting: Monday eve, Sept 11, 2023 at Tom Paxson’s “Shelby’s Pub”. 7:00 start for socializing, 7:30 biz meeting start. Pizza as usual, BYOB. RSVP Tom at

Coming up:

Sat Eve, 6:.30 August 19 – Club Night out at the Iron Pigs Baseball Game! Tickets free to members & Families. E-mail Dan for details and tickets. 4 initially for each request, more available if all not taken.

Sept 16 – Cars & Coffee at Ray price Ford

Sept 24 – Annual Fall Regional Event – Flyer Attached. Please send to all you know

SAAC-48 / Car Show awards
« on: July 20, 2023, 12:18:05 PM »
Here is the list!

1   CSX 2000 & 3000 Cobras   Jim Ward   289 Cobra - Red
2   CSX 4000 and Up Cobras   Nick Acton   CSX 4000 Cobra - Blue
3   1965 GT-350   Jack Uhler   GT-350
4   1966 GT-350   Doug Mather   GT-350H
5   1967 GT-350  & 500   Tom Gilliam   GT-500 Brittany Blue
6   1968 GT-350 & 500 & 500KR   David Wooldbridge   GT-500 Red Convertible
7   1969-1970 GT-350 & 500   Dominic Ciliberto   1969 GT-350
8   1969-1971 BOSS Mustang   Joe Flowers   1969 Boss 429 White
9   2012 & 2013 BOSS Mustang   PJ Lynd   2013 BOSS 302
10   2007-2009 GT-500 ALL   Len Ferber   2008 GT-500
11   2007 To Present Shelby GT, GTH, SGT   Jerry Bridgeworth   2016 GT-H
12   2010-2014 Shelby GT-500 ALL   Chuck Sennet   2013 GT-500 White Conv
13   2010 to Present GT-350   Mike Hubren   2020 GT-350 Green
14   2020 To Present GT-500   David Shaffer   2020 GT-500 Orange
15   1965-1973 Mustangs STOCK   Wayne Olsen   1969 Mach 1 Red 428
16   1965-1973 Mustangs Modified   Bob Kent   1965 R-Model Tribute
17   1974-Present Mustangs Stock   David Rioux   2020 Mustang GT
18   1974-Present Mustangs Modified   Jeff Bemmerow   2016 Mustang GT Red
19   Special Editions Mustangs 1980 to Present (Saleen, Roush, etc)   Jason Wolf   2017 Mustang GT to SuperSnake by SA
20   2005 to Present Ford GT   Tim Cantwell   2005 Heritage
21   Exotic Fords (Pantera, Tiger, etc)   Bill Rossman   Tiger - Red
22   Replicas (All)   Garrett Cantwell   Superfomance GT-40 Red
23   Competition Cars   Dan Reiter   FFR Cobra Race Car
24   Special Interest   Ryan Bielstien   2018 Shelby F-150
Team Shelby Pick    Uasaba Ford   GT-500 Super Snake
SAAC Pick      Lauren Fixx   2017 Ford GT Black
Celebrity Pick - Chuck Cantwell:   Dave Redman   1966 GT-350
Celebrity Pick - Paul Fixx:   Scott Fritz   1969 T/A Bud Moore Replica
Celebrity Pick - Rick and Colleen Kopec:   Kevin Cauley   1966 GT-350 - Saphire Blue
People's Choice   Ed Shaw   1969 GT-500 Grabber Blue

TOP 25: (Voted by Entrants)   
Vytas Mickus   Daytona Coupe Replica
Kim & Lisa McCartney   1965 Shelby Cobra Replica
Rick Kaminski   1965 Mercury Cyclone
James Dolan   2024 Ford Gt (Blue)
David Rioux   1967 Shelby GT-350
Don Wells   CSX-7000 Daytona Coupe
Kevin Brandt   1967 Shelby GT-350
Eric Gintz   1967 GT-500 Eleanor
Robert Walls   1965 Shelby GT-350
craig & Bonnie Shefferly   1967 Shelby GT-500
Joe Dina   289 Cobra (Blue)
Bruce Cambell   2008 Shelby GT-1000
Kieth MavPherson   1965 Shelby GT-350 tribute
Jack Rathke   ERA Shelby Cobra 427
Jerry Cifarelli   1970 Boss 302
Steve McDonald   1966 Shelby GT-350H
Ted Baird   1966 Sunbeam Tiger
Jeff Gill   1970 Boss 302
Kevin Cauley   1966 Shelby GT-350H
Brody Tunno   2020 Shelby GT-500
Jeff Duncan   2020 Shelby GT-500
Usaba Ford   2008 GT-500 Super Snake
Don Nelson   1967 Shelby GT-500
Greg DiPerna   1966 Shelby GT-350
Rick Kaminski   1966 Shelby GT-350

One week out, ready to go?

Three areas looking for some help!

Popular Ballot car Show - Parkers, counters, easy and fun, be a part of the show, make the day really enjoyable! Valet parking optional....

Merchandise Tent - Sell, sell, sell!!! Sharpen you sales skills! Shirts, hats, books, posters. And you work in the shade!

Please e-mail to:

Registration Tent - You get to meet EVERYBODY!!! See them first, answer their questions, take their money, you are their first contact, set the mood!
(Help really needed here, even part of the day)

E-mail to:

Please help out the convention staff. They are small in number, ludicrously overworked, old, worn out, new blood is needed.

Lehigh Valley Region SAAC / June 26 2023 Club Meeting
« on: June 08, 2023, 01:06:29 PM »
Time for the Bi-Monthly club meeting.

as usual, 7:00 PM at Tom Paxson's. Pizza will be brought in.

Full updates on all club events, plus updates on upcoming events.

Please RSVP tom:

SAAC-48 / Popular Ballot Car Show details
« on: May 22, 2023, 07:53:44 AM »
While I am not running this part of the event any more, I am helping in the set-up and orchestration of the show as part of the transition to the new show chairmen. Team Shelby will be this year's show chairmen, as they are a co-host of this convention.

The show will be very similar to the show run at Pitt the last time four years ago. The specific awards will be posted shortly, but here is the general set-up:

Participants vote on a top 20 (or 25) popular winners, independent of any class the car is in. Just your favorites. The traditional one ticket per car's voting envelope on the windshield, and each person gets a unique numbered ticket sheet, so no duplicates in any envelope will be counted.

A judging committee will also walk the field, and select a "Best" from a class list of roughly 25 classes, including specific classic and modern Shelby Mustangs, CSX Cobras, all matter of Mustangs, plus the assorted special classes. If a car wins this award, and also gets voted, a "TOP 20", the Top 20 will be removed and given to the next available highest vote getter. One award per car.

There will also be 4 special VIP awards picked by event VIP's, plus a "Best in Show" for the highest vote getter.

Parking will be divided into quarters, with trying to keep it divided into classic Shelby, Modern Shelby, All Mustangs, All other. But, if your group is mixed, you can park together. We're just trying to allow festival parking, but keep it grouped as best we can. Makes it more fun when youcan park and hang out with friends, and the show committee is not going ape-sh*t trying to park by classes. More fun for all.

Now, where the show will be at the track I have no clue, so the bosses will tell all of us that.

Get there early, shine it up, come to the registration table to get your credentials, and enjoy the show!

Dan Reiter

Lehigh Valley Region SAAC / 3-Dog Garage Tour
« on: March 28, 2023, 12:32:38 PM »
We visit roughly every three years, so the displays are new

This year we will tour the museum on Saturday May 6th, 2023 from 9Am to 11AM.

More details shortly, but looking for a head count early.

The place is legendary!!!

Our annual Fall event is on!!!

Same Sunday location at Silver Creek Athletic Field, just south of Hellertown PA on Rt 212.

Car Show, Poker run, food, great entrant stuff, more details to come!

Flyer attached, please share!


Time for the Annual Spring Fun event!

Seraphina's Cafe, Rt's 611 and 412 in Ottsville PA, Around back as usual.

9Am to Noon, lots of great cars and folks, just drive in!



The current owner knows the CSX numbers are added by a previous owner. The FFR itself has the proper FFR VIN stamped in the frame. I'm just posting as an FYI for the current owner of this CSX VIN.

Lehigh Valley Region SAAC / 2023 Annual Indoor Go-Kart Morning of Mayhem
« on: February 25, 2023, 01:31:54 PM »
Ok, starting to get this organized, but still a few steps to go.

First off, a date. Right now, the following Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM are available – April 2, April 23, May 7, May 21. I have us tentatively penciled in on the April 2 date, but to be confirmed. PLEASE Tell me if you can do the 2nd, and what other date is your 2nd choice.

The Financial information. The cost has gone up from $650 for two hours up to $875 for two hours, so we have to raise the per driver fee as well. It will be $45 per driver. We held the previous amount as long as we could, but this is a big jump.

The format: Warm-up and practice, qualifying heats, a feature event, and fun after. It’s always fun, crazy chaos!

If you have not done this in the past, it’s an absolute blast! Our clubs 2nd longest continuously happening event.

What do I need right now? A CONFIRMATION you are planning on going. I need a driver count PRONTO! If we get close to enough, I will move forwards on this. After one week, I will open this up to other Shelby, Mustang, and Ford clubs.

HERE IS THE Information & Websites for the track:



Lehigh Valley Region SAAC / March 2023 Club Meeting
« on: February 25, 2023, 12:33:58 PM »
Mark Your Calendars!

Monday eve, March 20, 2023 at 7:00 PM at Tom Paxson's Shelby's Pub!

More details to come, but please Join Us!!!

Lehigh Valley Region SAAC / 2023 ClubMembership Renewal
« on: February 25, 2023, 12:32:01 PM »

Happy Almost Spring!

It’s time for may annual e-mail blast to cover the last 5 years of club membership and remind you that the annual membership dues are due. There are many duplicates on this list, so I apologize in advance for multiple e-mails from the mailing. I have attached both a PDF of the annual membership form, and a link to the club website page for renewing your membership. Either way works fine.

If your 2023 dues renewal has already been sent and processed, I have sent out a separate e-mailing for the memberships I have. If you did not receive that specific e-mail, then your time to renew is here.

I truly hope you will continue to be a part of our Shelby family, and 2023 promises to be another fun, busy, and important year for our club.

I will be sending out another e-mail with a report from the January 30, 2023 Club meeting, plus an overview of what is coming up for 2023, plus more club happenings and details.

May very best,

Dan Reiter
Lehigh Valley Shelby Club Inc.

Just fishing for input, nothing decided yet.

It's no secret, most car weekend events are shrinking. SAAC National conventions have cratered, with a drop probably reaching 50% over the years. And costs going UP to run them. It's definitely a negative proposition, and cost savings are paramount, yet trying to provide a great event.

Our Sunday Shelby/Mustang/Ford Cars show at Silver Springs A.A. is doing very well, proceeds going to Charity, it's a great event. 2023 date is Tentatively Sunday Sept 24, 2023. Mark and hold that date! This year's charity will be "Paws of Valor", a group that provides service dogs to Veterans in special need. We are looking for sponsors to help fund the show.

And, our Fall Tour is also a great time, enjoyed bay many, but thinking of moving it back into early October, so the leaves will be changing color, and it can be better organized and hopefully better attended running as a stand-alone. More options for the route as well.

I'd like to hear your input, feedback, and if you know of any events already scheduled in that time frame.

Many, many thanks in advance,

Dan Reiter
President, Lehigh Valley Region SAAC

Hold the dates!

While no firm details to release yet, this is the weekend bookmarked for the annual event. Working on the details, stay tuned!!!


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