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Misc. For Sale / GT350 George Bartell poster
« on: January 30, 2023, 12:56:32 PM »

Lot #7 in this auction, the Georger Bartell GT350 poster, is presently bid to $2611. with one day remaining. Adding the 25% buyer's premium and packing / shipping brings the total cost to around $3300.

There are 57 bids so there is obviously a lot of interest in this item. If anyone on here happens to be chasing this, I can save you a lot of money. I have in my collection several of these posters. They are authentic and in excellent as new rolled condition with vibrant color.

I acquired these at SAAC 13 in Santa Rosa, CA in 1988. An early well known California Shelby parts vendor was in the flea market selling select original posters that were part of the set originally marketed by Shelby American.

I was heavily into literature at that time and a conversation disclosed that he had a stash of brand new ones at his shop. He had acquired them when SA liquidated their inventory. He agreed to sell me some, and I visited his place after the convention. They have been rolled up in a box in dry dark storage ever since. These are the real deal, not the later reprint that was smaller in size and had washed out looking color.

I will sell these at $1500 each, shipping included. This is less than half of the current bid price + costs. The photo attached is for representative purposes only and is not one of the actual posters I have for sale. I will be happy to provide a photograph of what you are actually buying before any transaction takes place.

Bill Collins
Bill Collins Collector Fords
Harrisburg, PA

Cars For Sale / 68 GT350 Convertible
« on: June 24, 2022, 12:31:52 PM »
68 GT350 Conv #3136
Older restoration recently refreshed
Factory 4 speed, tilt / flip away wheel
Originally Lime Gold with black interior and white top
Matching number engine
Detailed underneath
Fully sorted out driver
Have Marti Report, build sheet, some restoration receipts

May consider part trade of Shelby project car or 65/68 Mustang fastback in any condition
Photos at

Bill Colllins

Parts For Sale / 67 Original louvred hood
« on: March 25, 2022, 04:41:19 PM »
I am consolidating my parts inventory and want to sell off some bulky items rather than move them. Original '67 louvred hood, has steel insert with latch intact. SOLD. I will be bringing it along with other Shelby fiberglass to the Columbus Spring Swap in Ohio next weekend April 2-3.

Watch this space for more offerings!

1965 GT350/R-Model / SFM5006 50th Anniversary of ownership
« on: March 31, 2021, 11:17:32 PM »
On March 31, 1971, 50 years ago today, I purchased my 65 GT350 serial 006. I had wanted one of these cars ever since seeing one in the film Red Line 7000 in 1965, but being in my mid teens at the time, an actual purchase had to wait.

I bought 006 from Ned Beshore. Ned, along with his brother Scott, each owned a '65 350 (Scott had 5S200) plus they had '66 GT350H, 6S819, which they were running as an SCCA hill climb car. They wanted to buy a Cobra to race, which required that the Hertz plus one of the '65's be sold to fund the acquisition. They arbitrarily picked 006 to sell, and put it out on their father and uncle's used car lot, where I spotted it during one of my frequent visits, as they were good friends of mine. I asked them what serial number it was, to which they replied "Oh, it's number 500- something". So I cannot lay claim to be being savvy in that regard, it was just dumb luck that it was 006.

They were asking $2300 and I managed to negotiate that down to $1900. I only had about $1000 in cash, so I went to two finance companies on the same day, borrowed $500 from each of them and got the car. They later sold the Hertz and purchased CSX2566, which raced under the name "Snake Express".

I thrashed 006 for the first ten years I owned it - street raced it, outran the cops in it, had romantic encounters in it, all the things 20-somethings do to their cars. I later installed a Boss 302 engine and drag raced it for a while. In 1980, I decided to return it to street trim and take it to SAAC 5 (the original engine and driveline had been pulled and saved). Unfortunately, I didn't complete it in time, so I shoved it into the garage with the thought "I'll get back to this later" and rode off to the Dearborn convention with some friends.

"Later" turned out to be 30 years. The family homestead was put up for sale in 2010, so 006 was losing its storage. I decided it was time to get it back on the road. Off it went to a trusted mechanic friend. and not long after I was driving it again.

So to celebrate the day, I thought a little photographic history would be appropriate:
The first photo is the January '65 press preview at Riverside Raceway - 006 is one of the cars in that lineup - but I don't know which one!

The second photo is the first owner with 006 on the day he bought it, March 5, 1965 at the Baltimore Auto Show. The sign on the roof reads "The meanest of Mustangs  - Cobra GT350"

The third photo is yours truly with 006 about eight months after I bought it. A plan to restage this photo today at the same location was thwarted by heavy rain.

But it doesn't melt when it gets wet - The last photo is in the rain at the 2014 50th Anniversary of the Mustang show at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

006 retains a rough and ready look - some would say "patina" - I call it "experience". I  have been asked if I intend to restore it, to which I reply "H--l no, it took me 50 years to get it looking like this!" Besides, it's more fun to drive it as it is.

So Happy Anniversary, 006 ! I hope to keep enjoying you for years to come.

Wanted to Buy / One '67 Shoulder harness
« on: August 25, 2020, 11:56:10 AM »
I am in need of one '67 original shoulder harness and retractor assembly for a GT350.

Bill Collins
717- 648-6600

Wanted to Buy / '66 GT350 Painted Magnum 500 wheels
« on: June 29, 2020, 05:43:15 PM »
Need 5 but will consider any quantity. Any condition also considered so long as they are restorable. Must be original 14 x 6 PAINTED with 3.375 to 3.50 backspacing - I already have chrome ones. No Granada/Monarch wheels, please!
Bill Collins

Wanted to Buy / Hipo damper and intake wanted
« on: November 30, 2019, 11:21:29 AM »
I am in need of a 289 Hipo crankshaft damper and 4v cast iron intake - must be dated 4L (Nov 1964)
Bill Collins

Shelby American History / 1042 Princeton Drive
« on: June 27, 2019, 11:52:30 AM »
I am enjoying the Carter Avenue photo and info thread, as my GT350 5006 was built there. It is likely one of the cars in photos of the early production, although impossible to know which one.

I found a coupe of sketches in my file of the interior layout of 1042 Princeton. They were made by Shelby team driver Allen Grant in 1963. I thought they may be of interest.

Wanted to Buy / 2-66 Date coded radiator
« on: January 21, 2018, 03:45:20 PM »
Need a 2-66 dated W-MO radiator for a GT350. It is a 4 speed car but one from an automatic may be OK.  Any condition considered so long as the top tank is in good shape.
Bill Collins

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