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Up For Auction / 6S406 - Bring A Trailer
« on: December 04, 2023, 08:17:01 PM »
Link -

This 1966 Shelby Mustang GT350 was delivered to new Herb Tousley Ford of White Bear, Minnesota, on November 30, 1965, and underwent a refurbishment that was completed in 2012 by Cobra Automotive of Wallingford, Connecticut. The car is finished in Wimbledon White with blue Le Mans stripes over black vinyl upholstery, and power comes from a 289ci HiPo V8 paired with a replacement Toploader four-speed manual transmission. Features include Koni shocks, front disc brakes, 15” Shelby/Cragar alloy wheels, a wood-rimmed steering wheel, a push-button AM radio, and a fold-down rear seat. This GT350 was acquired by the selling dealer in 2023 and is now offered in Yalesville, Connecticut, with a removed Borg Warner aluminum case T10M-1 four-speed manual transmission, copies of factory order sheets, SAAC correspondence, and a clean Texas title.

The car is said to have been refinished in Wimbledon White with blue Le Mans stripes during the aforementioned refurbishment. Features unique to Shelby Mustangs include a steel-framed fiberglass hood with a scoop and hood pins, a bullet-style side-view mirror, fixed plexiglass rear quarter windows, and fiberglass brake-cooling scoops on the rear fenders.

Polished 15″ Shelby/Cragar alloy wheels were optional on early 1966 Shelby Mustangs, and they are mounted with Goodyear “blue dot” bias-ply tires that were reportedly installed during the refurbishment. A matching spare wheel is stowed in the trunk. The car is said to feature a 1965-style GT350 suspension setup with Koni shocks and override traction bars as well as upper control arms with lower mounting points compared to later 1966 models. Kelsey-Hayes front disc brakes were standard equipment on GT350s, as were larger rear drum brakes than those used on standard Mustang models.

The cabin features bucket seats and an optional fold-down rear seat trimmed in black knit vinyl along with a color-coordinated dash pad, door panels, and carpets. Equipment includes a push-button AM radio, a heater, and black lap belts for all four occupants. A Carroll Shelby signature is present on the glovebox door.

The three-spoke wood-rimmed steering wheel was optional on 1966 Shelbys, and it was installed during the refurbishment. It frames a central 140-mph speedometer as well as gauges for fuel level, oil pressure, alternator charge, and coolant temperature. A Cobra-branded 9k-rpm tachometer is mounted to the top of the dashboard. The five-digit odometer shows 19k miles, approximately 100 of which were added following the 2012 refurbishment. Total mileage is unknown.

The 289ci HiPo V8 is said to have been rebuilt during the refurbishment and features a Holley four-barrel carburetor on a high-rise aluminum intake manifold as well as finned valve covers with open-letter Cobra logos. Output was factory rated at 306 horsepower and 329 lb-ft of torque. SAAC documentation regarding the engine stampings is provided in the gallery.

Power is sent to the rear wheels via a replacement Toploader four-speed manual transmission that was installed during the refurbishment.

A copy of the Shelby American order sheet indicates that the car was sold to Herb Tousley Ford and lists an optional rear seat as well as a total price of $3,667.

A Borg Warner aluminum case T10M-1 four-speed manual transmission that is said to have been removed from the car during the refurbishment is included in the sale, and it shows an August 27, 1965, casting date.

Up For Auction / 5S305 - Bring A Trailer
« on: October 19, 2023, 08:07:48 PM »

This 1965 Shelby Mustang GT350 is one of 504 street production examples built for the model year, and was first invoiced to Paradise Ford Sales in Scottsdale, Arizona on June 28, 1965. Finished in Wimbledon White with Guardsman Blue stripes over black vinyl upholstery, the car is powered by a 289ci HiPo V8 mated to a replacement Ford Toploader four-speed manual transmission. Additional equipment includes Cragar 15″ cast alloy wheels, a four-barrel Holley carburetor on a high-rise intake manifold, a Detroit locking differential, Kelsey-Hayes ventilated front disc brakes, a fiberglass hood, an R-style front valance, Koni shock absorbers, override traction bars, dual side-exit exhaust outlets, a trunk-mounted battery, a Hurst shifter, and a dash-mounted tachometer. Chassis SFM5S305 is said to have been traded to a dealer in Tuscon, Arizona, before being purchased by the second owner in California where it was fitted with a fold-down rear bench seat. It was purchased in 2015 by the current owner from a four-decades owner in Lake Havasu, Arizona. Service over the past year consisted of overhauling the engine and transmission along with replacing the shifter assembly. This GT350 is now offered on dealer consignment with the original sales invoice, Shelby American literature, service records, vintage photographs, and a clean Arizona title in the name of the owner’s LLC.

Development of the GT350 model began in summer 1964 after Ford enlisted Carroll Shelby to create a variant of the Mustang to homologate for competition in the SCCA’s B Production class. Incomplete K-code Mustang fastbacks were sent from Ford’s San Jose, California, plant to Shelby’s Venice facility for transformation into GT350 specification under the lead of project engineer Chuck Cantwell. In early 1965, Shelby began shifting production from Venice to its facilities near Los Angeles International Airport.

All 1965 GT350s were finished in Wimbledon White with Guardsman Blue rocker-panel stripes, and this example is said to have been stripped to bare metal and refinished with blue Le Mans stripes by Rico Duran of Duran Quality Painting in Baldwin Park, California, and fitted with an aftermarket R-style front valance in 1990. Features include a steel-framed fiberglass hood with a functional scoop and quick-release pins, a mesh grille with an offset running-horse logo, sail-panel louvers, and a bullet-style driver-side mirror. A replacement passenger window was installed in 2022, and photos of body panel and hinge date codes are provided in the gallery below.

Optional Cragar 15″ cast alloy wheels are wrapped with 225/65 BFGoodrich Radial T/A tires, while a matching spare is secured in the trunk. The suspension is equipped with Koni adjustable shock absorbers, lowered front control arms, a 1” front sway bar,  override traction bars, and rear limiting cables. Kelsey-Hayes front disc brakes incorporate ventilated rotors, while 2.5”-wide drums handle braking at the rear.

The cabin features low-back bucket seats trimmed in black vinyl along with a matching fold-down rear bench seat was installed under previous ownership. Aircraft-style lap belts are equipped for front occupants, and additional appointments include a Hurst shifter, a glove box, sun visors, a fire extinguisher, and pony-branded rubber floor mats.

The wood-rimmed steering wheel frames instrumentation that includes a horizontal-sweep 120-mph speedometer flanked by gauges for fuel level and coolant temperature. Shelby-built mustangs were also equipped with an oil-pressure gauge and a tachometer mounted in a central pod. The five-digit odometer shows 13k miles, and the speedometer gears were previously replaced. Total chassis mileage is unknown.

The car is said to be equipped with the original 289ci Windsor V8 that was reportedly overhauled under previous ownership in 1980 and was rebuilt once more in June 2022 by Heath Elmer Restorations. Work consisted of boring and decking the block, polishing the crankshaft, and replacing the pistons, rings, pins, camshaft, lifters, springs, bearings, freeze plugs, oil pump, and timing chain. Further work consisted of replacing the starter, thermostat, and fuel tank along with overhauling the radiator. It is topped with a four-barrel Holley 715-cfm carburetor and a cast-aluminum high-rise intake manifold to produce a factory-rated 306 horsepower in street versions of the GT350. Additional GT350-specific features include a finned aluminum “T” oil pan with hinged baffles, open-letter valve covers, and tri-Y exhaust headers leading to replacement exit pipes ahead of each rear wheel. Component date stampings are provided in the gallery below.

The replacement Ford Toploader four-speed manual transmission incorporates a Hurst shifter, close-ratio gears, and it sends power to the rear wheels via a replacement 3.89:1 Detroit locking differential. Records indicate that the transmission was overhauled in 2022 and fitted with a replacement billet shift fork, pilot bushing, and speedometer drive gear. The shifter assembly was replaced in May 2023. Additional photos of the underside are provided in the gallery.

The invoice to Paradise Ford Sales lists optional special alloy wheels at an additional cost of $267 as well as a total price of $4,856.75.

A collection of vintage photographs and literature are also viewable in the gallery below.

Shelby American History / Sunbeam Tiger Documentary - Coming in 2024
« on: September 20, 2023, 07:22:11 PM »
Le Mans, Shelby & 2 Smokin' Tigers: A documentary about the Sunbeam Tiger is coming in 2024.  Link to the trailer below.   It looks really good.

Link to Trailer:

More information -

Up For Auction / 6S1387 - Bring A Trailer
« on: September 10, 2023, 11:03:46 PM »

This 1966 Shelby Mustang GT350H was dispatched from Shelby American’s Los Angeles office on March 17, 1966, and was delivered new to The Hertz Corporation in National City, California. It was refurbished under previous ownership before it was purchased by the selling dealer in 2023. The car is finished in black with gold stripes over black vinyl upholstery, and power comes from a replacement 289ci HiPo V8 linked to a C4 three-speed automatic transmission. Equipment includes a four-barrel carburetor, a dual exhaust system, front disc brakes, 10-spoke 14″ alloy wheels, hood and bodyside scoops, a dash-mounted tachometer, a push-button AM radio, and latch-and-link front harnesses. This GT350H is now offered copies of Shelby American sales documentation, SAAC correspondence, and a Florida title.

Approximately 1,000 GT350H examples were produced as part of a partnership between Ford and the Hertz car rental company. This example was repainted black with gold stripes under previous ownership and features a hood scoop, plexiglass rear quarter windows, fiberglass brake-cooling scoops on the quarter panels, and a chrome bullet-style side mirror.

The 14″ 10-spoke alloy wheels are mounted with Goodyear Blue Streak white-letter tires. Shelby chassis modifications included revised front suspension geometry, and Koni shocks have been fitted. Stopping power is provided by front discs and rear drums.

The cabin features front bucket seats and a folding rear bench trimmed in black vinyl along with color-coordinated door panels and carpets. Features include a Ford-branded AM radio, a heater, front latch-and-link harnesses, black rubber Mustang-branded front floor mats, and rear lap belts. A competition brake warning sticker is affixed to the center of the dash.

The woodgrain steering wheel exhibits cracking and fronts a 140-mph speedometer flanked by gauges for fuel level, oil pressure, coolant temperature, and battery voltage. A Shelby-branded tach is mounted atop the dash. The five-digit odometer shows 64k miles. Total mileage is unknown.

The replacement 289ci HiPo V8 was installed under previous ownership and features a four-barrel carburetor mounted on a high-rise aluminum intake manifold as well as finned valve covers. A carburetor adjustment and an oil change were reportedly performed by the selling dealer.

Power is sent to the rear wheels through a C4 three-speed automatic transmission.

Copies of Shelby American sales documentation accompany the sale, including a sales invoice dated March 17, 1966, that lists a total price of $3,859.

Up For Auction / 6S1937 - Bring A Trailer
« on: August 29, 2023, 11:29:11 PM »

This 1966 Shelby Mustang GT350H is finished in black with gold stripes over black vinyl upholstery and is powered by a 289ci HiPo V8 linked to a C4 three-speed automatic transmission. Equipment includes a four-barrel carburetor, a dual exhaust system, hood and side scoops, ten-spoke 14″ alloy wheels, front disc brakes, a dash-mounted tachometer, CS Impact latch-and-link harnesses, and a push-button AM radio. The selling dealer acquired the car in July 2023, and subsequent work reportedly involved replacing the bumpers and exterior trim along with overhauling the transmission and brake system. This GT350H is now offered at no reserve in Connecticut with an SAAC serial number verification document and Georgia registration.

Approximately 1,000 GT350H examples were produced as part of a partnership between Ford and the Hertz car rental company. This example is said to have been repainted in black with gold stripes under prior ownership, and details include a hood scoop, plexiglass rear quarter windows, fiberglass brake-cooling scoops on the rear fenders, and a bullet-style side mirror. The bumpers and exterior trim were reportedly replaced in preparation for the sale.

Silver 14″ ten-spoke alloy wheels were optional for the GT350 in 1966 and wear 205/70 BFGoodrich Radial T/A tires, while a full-size spare is mounted in the trunk. Shelby chassis modifications included revised front suspension geometry, Kelsey-Hayes front disc brakes, and larger rear brake drums when compared to the contemporary standard Mustang. The selling dealer states that the brake system was overhauled in 2023.

The bucket seats are upholstered in black vinyl and accompanied by a color-coordinated dashboard, door panels, and carpets. Equipment includes CS Impact latch-and-link harnesses for the front occupants, manually operated side windows, GT350-branded rubber floor mats, and a push-button AM radio.

The wood-rimmed steering wheel wears a GT350 badge and fronts a 140-mph speedometer as well as auxiliary gauges for fuel level, oil pressure, coolant temperature, and voltage. A Cobra-branded tachometer is mounted atop the dash. The five-digit odometer shows 95k miles, approximately 100 of which were added by the selling dealer. Total mileage is unknown.

The 289ci HiPo V8 is fed via an Autolite four-barrel carburetor mounted on a high-rise aluminum intake manifold and was factory rated at 306 horsepower and 329 lb-ft of torque in Shelby trim.

Power is sent to the rear wheels through a C4 three-speed automatic transmission that is said to have been overhauled under current ownership.

Shelby American Automobile Club correspondence indicates that serial number SFM6S1937 aligns with a Shelby GT350 serial number recorded in their files.

The car does not have a title, as it is registered in a state that does not issue titles for vehicles of its age. It is being sold on its Georgia registration.

2023 Monterey auctions: 1962-1970 Shelby American Products

Mecum:                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Price
Lot F67 – 1966 GT350H  6S1559                                                                 Bid Goes On - $140,000
Lot F113 – 1966 GT350 6S1720                                                                    Bid Goes On - $175,000
Lot F123 - 1967 GT500 01867                                                                       Bid Goes On - $170,000
Lot S125 – 1963 Cobra CSX2100                                                             Bid Goes On - $700,000

Broad Arrow
Lot 127 1965 R model 5R212                                                               SOLD - $885,000
Lot 160 – 1966 GT350 Don Roberts 6S2363                                             Asking - $250,000
Lot 216 - 1967 GT500 67400F7A02674                                                  SOLD - $196,000
Lot 220 - 1969 GT500 9F03R482847                                     SOLD - $268,800

Gooding & Company
Lot 54 – 1964 Shelby-Cooper T61M King Cobra -                                                                                                                                                                                                                          SOLD - $480,000.00

Lot 129 – 1963 Cobra 260 CSX2034 -                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Asking - $1,850,000

Lot 210 – 1966 GT350 6S176 -                        SOLD - $351,500
Lot 240 – 1963 Cobra CSX2135 -                              SOLD - $1,132,500
Lot 314 – 1965 Cobra CSX2407 -                              SOLD - $1,160,000
Lot 334 – 1966 Cobra CSX3259 -                             Asking - $1,200,000

Let me know if I missed any.  Thank you.

The Lounge / Bench Bleed Dual Master Cylinder.....
« on: July 30, 2023, 06:18:10 PM »
First of all, sorry to bore anyone with such a simple question here.  I couldn't find a "tech" section in the forum, so this is in the lounge.  I have searched youtube, other forums, searched shop manuals, called friends and I am not getting anywhere, so I figured I would ask here as well..... I know many here will have more experience than I do.

I am working on my 1978 Ford F250.  I am changing the dual master cylinder on the pickup.   I figured the basics of this system is the same as far back as when dual master cylinders came out in a should be the same as any 1968-1970 Shelby.

I am struggling here....   I have bench bleed the master cylinder using the solid plastic plugs provided to plug the brake line ports, the plugs with the hoses attached and routed back into the reservoir and now I just made some solid lines with fittings and routed them back into the reservoir.   Still getting the same result.  Each method I have zero fluid leaks.  I can get all the air out of the front reservoir, but the large rear reservoir still spits an air bubble out consistently with each push on the piston.  I would really like to have zero air bubbles so I can be assured it is bleed and ready to install.  I am on my second master cylinder this weekend with the same issue.  I have never had this much trouble with this procedure. 

This is such a basic procedure, I don't understand why I am having this issue.  What is the problem here?  What am I doing wrong?  Are these master cylinders being produced today with cheap materials and it is a common problem(I would hope that is not the problem, but I'm uncertain. First one was a Dorman and the second is a Centric.)?   Does anyone have any pointers?  Do I need to remove the piston and try to service it (never have had to do that before)?

Again, sorry for the mundane question.   Thank you for your input.

CSX 3000 Series / CSX 3289 - Original owner story
« on: July 29, 2023, 01:52:10 PM »
Just scrolling through social media this morning and came across this.  I figured the group would enjoy this.

CSX 3289 original owner story -

Up For Auction / 6S254 - Bring A Trailer
« on: July 21, 2023, 11:30:14 AM »
Bring A Trailer Link:

Fantasy Junction Listing:

This 1966 Shelby Mustang GT350 is said to be an early “carryover” example produced in late 1965 at the San Jose, California, plant and delivered to Shelby American before the production facility was retooled for the 1966 model year. The first owner bought the car in Concord, New Hampshire, in 1966, and it was later fitted with a replacement four-speed manual transmission, a roll cage, an R-style front apron, oil cooler, side-outlet exhausts, and aftermarket suspension and braking components under prior ownership. The car was acquired by the owner in 1999 and was reportedly campaigned in various vintage racing events until 2017. Work completed under current ownership is said to consist of installing a replacement 345ci V8, an ATL fuel cell, a fire-suppression system, a vented plexiglass rear window, brake cooling ducts, 15″ alloy wheels, and a dual circuit braking system with an adjustable proportioning valve. The car is finished in white with blue stripes and features a fiberglass hood, a driver’s window net, Hella driving lamps, a Hurst shifter, Cobra racing seats, Willans harnesses, Stewart Warner instrumentation, MSD electronic ignition, a Holley four-barrel carburetor, and an Edelbrock intake manifold. This modified GT350 is now offered on dealer consignment in Emeryville, California with a clean Florida title.

The body is finished in white with blue LeMans stripes and side stripes and is said to have been repainted under prior ownership. Additional features include an R-style front apron, a vented plexiglass rear window, a body-color rear bumper, Hella driving lamps, black #11 roundels, fiberglass brake-cooling scoops on the rear fenders, bullet-style mirrors, side exhaust outlets, an exterior trunk latch, and a steel-framed fiberglass hood with a functional scoop and quick-release pins. A right fender-mounted battery cut-off switch has been fitted, and driver names adorn the roof along with “Equador” and “USA” decals on the fenders. There are chips, scuffs, and scratches in the paint on several panels.

Torq Thrust-style 15” wheels are mounted with Dunlop Racing 6.00L-15 tires. The car features a front sway bar, an adjustable rear Panhard bar, and red Koni adjustable shock absorbers. Braking is handled by a dual-circuit system with drilled front discs and factory-style rear drums. An adjustable brake proportioning valve is fitted in the cabin.

A padded roll cage has been installed, and the cabin features a driver’s window net, Cobra Imola 2 seats, Willans harnesses dated to 2005, a Hurst shifter, a racing-style rearview mirror, and a Pyrotect fire-suppression system. Toggle switches that control vehicle functions are mounted to the dashboard. An ATL fuel cell is fitted in the trunk, and the doors are fitted with aluminum window frames and plexiglass door and vent window inserts.

The three-spoke Design Giugiaro steering wheel frames Stewart Warner instrumentation that consists of a 160-mph speedometer, a tachometer, and gauges for oil and water temperature, oil pressure, and amperage. Two auxiliary gauges are located beneath the center of the dashboard. The five-digit mechanical odometer shows approximately 2,500 miles. True chassis mileage is unknown.

The replacement 345ci V8 is said to have been installed under current ownership and features a Holley 750-cfm carburetor, an Edelbrock intake manifold, a roller camshaft, MSD electronic ignition, and heat-wrapped tubular exhaust headers. An export brace, a chrome Monte Carlo bar, and an aluminum radiator with dual electric fans have been installed.

Power is delivered to the rear wheels through a four-speed manual transmission that was installed in place of the factory automatic transmission under prior ownership.

Seller: FantasyJunction
Location: Emeryville, California 94608
Listing Details
Chassis: SFM6S254
2,500 Miles Shown, TMU
Replacement 345ci V8
Replacement Four-Speed Manual Transmission
White Paint w/Blue Stripes
Cobra Racing Seats w/Willans Harnesses
Roll Cage
Pyrotect Fire-Supression System
Fiberglass Hood
Vented Plexiglass Rear Window
Fiberglass Brake-Cooling Scoops
Front Disc Brakes
15" Torq Thrust-Style Wheels
Dunlop Racing Tires
Monte Carlo Bar & Export Brace
Holley 750-CFM Carburetor
MSD Electronic Ignition
Edelbrock Intake Manifold
Side Exhaust Outlets
Trunk-Mounted ATL Fuel Cell
Stewart Warner Instrumentation
SAAC Registry Data

Up For Auction / Auction: 6S2363 - Don Roberts old Race car
« on: July 21, 2023, 11:11:40 AM »

Piloted to seven SCCA B-Production victories by road racing legend Don Roberts in 1970 and 1971
1970 SCCA B-Production Southern Pacific Division Champion
Delivered new to Arizona, with known ownership documented by the SAAC Shelby Registry
Regular entrant in prominent vintage racing events from 1983-1990 and 2002-2023
Formerly owned and campaigned by Jim Click's vintage race team, led by Don Roberts
Chassis No. SFM 6S2363

Ford swiftly revolutionized the automotive industry with the introduction of the Mustang at the 1964 World's Fair in New York, captivating a young generation of enthusiasts, and in so doing, achieving over a quarter-million sales by year's end. The Mustang's runaway success coincided with the dominance of the Ford-powered Cobra Daytona Coupe at the 1964 12 Hours of Sebring on a global tour in the FIA International Championship, soon on its way to Le Mans. Closer to home, Ford was eager to replicate this success in SCCA road racing. Ford homologated the Mustang for B-Production competition, taking the Corvettes head-on, along with Jaguar E-Types, Sunbeam Tigers, and various Ferraris. Naturally, Carroll Shelby was selected to turn the brand-new Mustang into an all-out sports car.

His creation, the Shelby GT350, dominated the competition, winning the 1965 B-Production Championship outright. Modifications included an additional 35 horsepower over the standard “K-Code” Hi-Po 289 V8, courtesy of a Holley carburetor, high-rise manifold, and Tri-Y headers. The suspension featured modifications as well with larger rear drum brakes, front Kelsey-Hayes discs, and more. A more extensive program was undertaken in 1966, expanding the GT350's color options to include Candyapple Red, Sapphire Blue, Dark Ivy Green Metallic, and Raven Black, all featuring white Le Mans and rocker panel stripes with GT350 logos. Steel hoods replaced the troublesome fiberglass ones, functional brake scoops were added, and a new GT350 gas cap was introduced.

The 1966 Shelby GT350 offered here, chassis number 6S2363, is a pedigreed, championship-winning sports car with period and vintage racing history. According to the SAAC Shelby Registry, 6S2363 was shipped to Paradise Ford Inc. in Scottsdale, Arizona, on 24 June 1966, who were invoiced a total of $3,945.75 for the Sapphire Blue Shelby featuring optional ten-spoke wheels and rear seats. Original owners Jerry and Kathi Stewart of Greer, Arizona road-raced and auto-crossed their new GT350 before selling it to Jim Emmert in 1969. Emmert had the car race prepared by SCCA legend Don Roberts, who campaigned the Shelby in the 1970 SCCA B-Production Southern Pacific Division Championship. That season, Roberts took five victories in the Shelby on his way to winning the divisional B-Production championship, and followed it up by finishing fourth in class at the 1970 American Road Race of Champions — an extraordinary achievement, to be sure! Don and his wife Sharon subsequently purchased 6S2363 to continue campaigning it in the 1971 season, winning a further two B-Production races and finishing third in the American Road Race of Champions at Road Atlanta.

Following a tremendous run of results in the B-Production class, the Shelby was purchased by John Goodson of Tallahassee, Florida in 1972 who prepared it for IMSA competition. The Shelby Registry records that the GT350 didn't change hands again until 1983 when Jere L. Clark of Phoenix, Arizona purchased the car and had it further prepared by Phil Roberts and Danny Ranshaw. Its vintage racing debut took place at the 1983 Monterey Historics. It continued to be a regular entrant in vintage racing events – including a first-place overall finish at the 1988 Monterey Historics – until 1990 when it was placed in storage. The Shelby reemerged in 1999 and was reunited with its championship-winning driver Don Roberts, who recommissioned and prepared it for vintage racing once again. After being purchased by Jim Click in 2002, the Shelby continued to take part in vintage racing events, with Roberts maintaining it, for over 13 years including a complete engine rebuild prior to the 2015 Monterey Historics.

Acquired by the consignor in 2016, this Shelby GT350 presents an unrivaled opportunity to own and experience a winning American racing legend on the track. Few race cars achieve the level of success enjoyed by chassis 6S2363 in-period, including numerous B-Production victories and the 1970 SCCA Southern Pacific Division Championship — a long and successful life of vintage racing with maintenance carried out by its championship-winning driver. Long-time owner Jim Click said of Roberts following his passing in 2019, “I never had to worry about a car. I never had to worry about it performing. I never had to worry about the handling. I never worried about the safety because of Don; I just had total trust in him.” Exercised in multiple Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) and Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing (CVAR) events since the consignor's acquisition, chassis 6S2363 remains a highly usable and competitive sports car primed for further vintage racing.

Up For Auction / Auction: 5R212 - Broad Arrow Auctions August 17 & 18
« on: July 21, 2023, 11:06:02 AM »

One of only 36 competition “R” models built on the GT350
Powered by a 289 cubic-inch K-code engine with Borg Warner four-speed transmission
Documented ownership from new
Second in class and 18th overall at the 1966 24 Hours of Daytona
The rarest and most potent GT350
Eligible for numerous prestigious vintage racing events worldwide
Chassis No. SFM5R212

With a well-established reputation as one of the top American performance brands, by 1965 Carroll Shelby would turn his attention away from his 289 and 427 Cobras that were regularly trouncing the competition at racetracks and stoplights around the world, toward the new Ford Mustang. Prompted by Lee Iacocca who believed that he could increase Mustang sales with more powerful engines and better handling, he approached Shelby to prepare and campaign the new pony car as a B Production SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) racer. Seeking to create the lightest possible Mustang for optimum track performance, Shelby and his team would order fifteen cars for their R version and stripped them even more than the original 100-car run of GT350 street cars.

Per SCCA rules, the steel bumpers were removed from the R version and to further “add lightness” plexiglas windows, a fiberglass front apron and hood, and other weight saving measures such as removing the rear seats and sound deadening made the Mustang nearly unbeatable in B-Production competition. The lower valance and gravel pan were custom designed as a one-piece fiberglass unit by Pete Brock with a large opening to direct airflow through the oil cooler and radiator. The rear quarter window vents were removed and covered to improve aerodynamics while the plexiglass rear window also features a custom vent across the entire top of the window to relieve the air pressure generated inside the cockpit at speed.

Powered by a 289 cubic-inch K-code engine, Shelby benefitted from three years of experience modifying this engine in his Cobra competition cars, resulting in an unprecedented combination of power and reliability. Upon receipt from Ford, the engines were torn down and the heads were sent out to have their ports enlarged and polished before all pistons, connecting rods, crankshafts, and other reciprocating parts were balanced and re-assembled. Topped off with a Holley 715 CFM carburetor and a set of Tri-Y headers, the stock 306 horsepower of the K-code engine was increased to around 350 horsepower on Shelby's dyno. Combined with a lightweight chassis that was around 250 pounds lighter than the street version, both Shelby factory racers and customer cars enjoyed tremendous success and eventually earned the SCCA/B Production title in 1965 and again in 1966. Winning five out of the six highly competitive regional SCCA championships, it is unlikely that any other production-based car built in such small numbers has won as many races as Shelby's GT350 R.

Ordered by Shelby American on 30 December 1964 and later shipped from Ford's San Jose plant on 9 April 1965, Shelby American would begin the process of converting chassis SFM5R212 to a factory-competition car. Eventually completed on 10 November 1965, this example was delivered to Bill Currie Ford of Tampa, Florida where it was first purchased by Michael Reina. Along with co-driver Don Kearney, Reina would prepare and enter his new GT350R in the 1966 Daytona 24 hours where they were photographed on the banking dicing with a mighty Ferrari 250 GTO on their way to 2nd in their GT 3.0 class and 18th place overall with 527 laps completed. Entered at the 12 Hours of Sebring with Kearney driving, it is believed that chassis SFM5R212 served as a backup entry resulting in a DNS to mark the end of a short competition career, with Reina eventually selling the SFM5R212 in 1967. Passing through a series of short-term owners, records indicate this example was acquired by Vincent Sandbridge and Charlie Mallett in 1971, whose racing team was sponsored by “Gourmet Salad.” It remains unknown whether the car was ever entered by them to race. Later passing through a series of racers in the mid-1970s and reportedly raced in SCCA and IMSA events at Lime Rock Park, Watkins Glen, Cumberland, and Mid-Ohio, among other tracks, the car was believed to have been included as part of a trade for a wrecked GT40 in the late 1970s.

After remaining in storage for a number of years, records indicate it was purchased by a racer and enthusiast in Oceanside, California in September of 2000, who began a full restoration as an authentic vintage racing entrant. It debuted during the events surrounding the 40th anniversary of the Mustang in 2004 at the SAAC vintage races at Nashville Superspeedway. Subsequently, this GT350R would pass through a series of owners before it was eventually acquired by the consignor in 2020. Complete with the rarely-seen fiberglass brake-duct intakes found underneath the car, this example is one of only 36 cars ever produced and offers collectors a seldom-seen opportunity to acquire one of Carroll Shelby's most successful racing cars and certainly one of the most desirable cars with which to come home victorious from both the concours field and the racetrack.

Parts For Sale / SOLD: Original 1967 Shelby headlights
« on: July 04, 2023, 07:41:29 PM »

5 - 5.75" head light bulbs.  1 - GE 3 prong, 2 - GE 2 prong and 2 - Tungsol 3 prong.  All have the "Made For Ford" etching in the center of the bulb.

They have been tested and are in good working condition. These are not #1 condition, they have been saved from cars I have parted out over the years, so there is dirt, smudges and one reflector has a mark on it on the inside.  Please study the photos.  They are not perfect, but these are hard to find today.   Perfect for a driver car or survivor car that you want to still have "Made For Ford" headlights on the car. 

Priced at $250 for all 5 plus the shipping in a large flat rate USPS box.

Send me a PM with any questions.

Thank you.

Parts For Sale / For Sale: 428 Cobra Jet valve covers
« on: July 04, 2023, 06:02:33 PM »
For Sale:

Very nice pair of original 428 Cobra Jet valve covers. Clean. One small crack.

$400 plus shipping.

Send a message if you have any questions.

SAAC Forum Discussion Area / 6S006 listed for sale
« on: May 16, 2023, 09:04:35 AM »
6S006 is for sale.  Links below.   I don't have any affiliation with this.  Just passing it along.



Price   $245,000.00
Year   1966
Model   GT350
VIN   SFM6S006
Exterior Color   WIMBLEDON WHITE
Interior Color   BLACK
Cylinders   8
Engine Size   289
Transmission   4-SPEED MANUAL
One of the most interesting variations of Carroll Shelby's original GT350 lineup remains the 'Carryover' series for 1966, including the early-production 1966 Shelby GT350 offered here. The sixth 1966 Shelby GT350 produced, it is numbered SFM6S006. Bridging the gap between the 1965 cars and the select updates made to the GT350 for '66, all 252 Carryover cars were painted Wimbledon White and retained 1965 GT350 features, including lowered front control arms, rear over-rider traction bars, 15x6-inch argent-painted Kelsey-Hayes steel wheels or optional 15x6-inch Shelby/Cragar alloy wheels, Goodyear 'Blue Dot' tires and all 1965 interior appointments, including smooth vinyl-covered seats, '65 dash pads, the '65 curved glove box door and '65-style door panels. Engines were painted gloss black, rather than the Ford Blue of the '66 cars. According to the SAAC Registry, all 252 Carryover cars were likely radio-delete. New-for-1966 features included clear Plexiglas rear-quarter windows, functional rear brake-cooling scoops, 1966 dash instrument clusters, a 9,000-rpm pedestal-mount dash tachometer and a Mustang GT plastic wood-grain steering wheel. Most included the optional rear seat, with 78 of the 252 cars equipped with the ribbed, 1966-only package shelf in place of a rear seat. A 1966-style full-length exhaust with rear downspouts replaced the former side-exist pipes as well. To identify these hybrid 1965/1966 cars, Shelby American simply placed its 1966 'SFM6S' prefix ID tags over the 1965 Ford VIN stamping. Documented in the SAAC Registry and accompanied by a 2017-issued 1966 Shelby Registry Report from Howard C. Pardee, SAAC 1966 Shelby Registrar, SFM6S006 is the sixth 1966 Shelby GT350 produced. An original non-stripe car with steel wheels, rear over-rider traction bars, a fiberglass hood with steel frame and a rear package shelf, this 1966 Shelby GT350 Carryover model was invoiced and shipped on October 28, 1965, to Don Wagner Ford Sales Inc. in Vandalia, OH, where it remained unsold through early August 1966 and was the subject of a storage bill before being stolen, stripped and then purchased after recovery for a reported $750 by Don Wagner Ford. The GT350 passed through five owners before being purchased in July 2007 by Curt Vogt, who totally restored the Shelby at his Cobra Automotive shop in Wallingham, CT, for the subsequent owner in Denmark. As related by Mr. Vogt, the car was still in stripped condition upon arrival and the main bodyshell quite possibly retained original paint, in his opinion. A new front body clip was installed, a new drivetrain was built and installed, and all remaining parts required to complete the car were sourced and installed. Numerous photographs on file depict the car as it arrived at Cobra Automotive and the body restoration. After returning to America and passing through three more owners, all listed by SAAC, the GT350 was acquired by the current owner in 2015, who showed it several times at the Vail Automotive Classic, resulting in Best of Show and the Barrett-Jackson award in 2017. As offered, SFM6S006 features such correct GT350 items as 15-inch Shelby/Cragar wheels, Guardsman Blue Le Mans stripes, a rear package shelf, over-ride rear traction bars, 'hollow-letter' rocker covers, radio delete, a Detroit Locker rear axle, optional wood-grain steering wheel, lowered front A-arms and KONI shock absorbers. Documents on file with the Shelby include the aforementioned SAAC 1966 Shelby Registry Report, as well as copies of original paperwork, including the Shelby American dealer order form (10/28/65), dealer invoice (10/28/65) and Shelby American vehicle invoice (8/5/66). According to the owner, this restored award-winning GT350 is a great driver to match its legendary namesake. Combining the best features of the 1965 and 1966 GT350 models, it offers the next owner the opportunity to own and, best of all, enjoy this rare (one of 252), early-production 1966 Carryover Shelby GT350s to the fullest.

Here is a list of the Shelby products made in 1962-1970 that go up for auction at Mecum Indianapolis, May 12-20, 2023

Link to auction main page:

Lot #         Car                      VIN                         Link                                                                                                                                  Results (w/buyer fees) 

Saturday May 13, 2023
K137.1 - 1968 GT500 - conv   02771 -                    
K285    - 1968 GT350 - conv   02261 - 

Thursday - May 18, 2023
T157    - 1969 GT500             9F02R480447                                                   $143,000 - SOLD
T246    - 1969 GT350             9F02M480344                                            $82,000 - Bid Goes On

Friday - May 19, 2023
F100    - 1966 GT350H           6S596                                                 $95,000 - Bid Goes On
F136    - 1967 GT500             02782                                                 $291,500 - SOLD
F157    - 1966 Group II Sedan #16/16             $165,000 - SOLD
F165.1 - 1966 GT350             6S1405                                               $308,000 - SOLD
F186    - 1966 GT350H           6S1387                                             $140,000 - Bid Goes On
F223    - 1966 GT350H           6S1563                                             $170,000 - Bid Goes On
F224.1 - 1965 GT350             5S443                                                  $340,000 - Bid Goes On
F225    - 1966 GT350             6S1123                                                $176,000 - SOLD
F226    - 1969 GT350            9F02M482192                                                $88,000 - SOLD

Saturday - May 20, 2023
S109    - 1968 GT350 conv     03094                                           $85,800 - SOLD
S110    - 289 Cobra               CSX2517                                      $700,000 - Bid Goes ON
S110.1 - 1965 GT350             5S459                                              $325,000 - Bid Goes On
S115    - 1967 GT350             02311                                              $632,500 - SOLD
S126    - 1969 GT350            9F02M480094                                             $93,500 - SOLD
S130    - 1965 GT350             5S342                                             $319,000 - SOLD
S131    - 1968 GT500 - conv    01043                                         $121,000 - SOLD
S132    - 1969 GT500 - conv    9F03R481519                                     $132,000 - SOLD
S133    - 1969 GT500              9F02R482221                                           $99,000 - SOLD
S134    - 1969 GT500              9F02R480517                                           $104,500 - SOLD
S135    - 1969 GT350 - conv    9F03M481212                                     $106,700 - SOLD
S141    - 1967 GT500              00373                                             $165,000 - SOLD
S169    - 1968 GT350 - conv    8T03J192409                                      $184,250 - SOLD
S175    - 1968 GT500KR -conv 8T03R206060                                   $148,500 - SOLD
S213    - 1967 GT500              00498                                            $200,000 - Bid Goes On
S222    - 1968 GT500 - conv    8T03S178858                                   $170,000 - Bid Goes On
S250.1 - 1969 GT500 - conv    9F03R480281                                     $165,000 - SOLD

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