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 For years I have grumbled about wanting to put on a REAL GT350-500 ONLY drag race. I have some "rough rules'' scratched out .Call me a racist if you want BUT I want genuine 65-70 cars only. No clones , rebodies , tributes. STOCK bodies , no tubs, subframe connectors , flares , NON original fibreglass parts ( or carbon fiber LOL) Maximum tire size 10.5x28x15. "Production " or "optional" as produced interiors . "Original deletes" , radio , heater rear seat ('66 only) OK Original or SAI catalog optional wheels OK Transmissions, '65 =T 10 ONLY, '66 T 10 or C4 , '67-68 Top loader or C4 (sb) C6 (428) 69-70 Toploader -FMX (351) or C6 428. ANY clutch , convertor or gear set that can't be seen but the transmission case MUST be correct! ANY gear ratio! NO spools . "Factory brakes" NO rear discs.
   Now the tough part.
   Engines ,
     Blocks '65-68 ANY 8.2 deck block "MADE or SOLD by Ford" in ANY catalog even current. 69-70 351W , NO SVO OR aftermarket blocks PERIOD '67-70 428s "Production" 428 blocks ONLY NO 427 OR aftermarket blocks PERIOD. Don't try and hide cross bolts OR add them to a 428 block.
     Cranks , rods , pistons , cams lifters , pushrods , springs , rockers , OPEN , YOUR CHOICE What can't be seen , won't be considered. So that limits you to OEM valve covers . NO spacers allowed and MAXIMUM gasket thickness of .375 and must be "non metallic".
    Heads, ANY "Ford manufactured" ( key importance) BEFORE 1970 (key note) are legal . yes , rare Ford made aluminum heads are included . NO aftermarket heads EXCEPT small block C6FE (GT40) heads manufactured by Cobra Automotive. Be prepared to prove purchase if asked.
     Induction ,
      65-68 small blocks, Paxton , Webers , dual fours , three twos , single four all legal BUT the manifold MUST be an original made BEFORE 1970 Shelby "rambox" IS OK. Blue Thunder products are NOT OK. ANY carburetor that will bolt on without an adaptor on any kind is OK.
     '69-70 351s limited to ORIGINAL SHELBY lettered intake. Sorry carb is open but NO adaptor.
     '67-70 428s Any Ford , Cobra , or SHELBY lettered intake made before 1970 is OK  Carb(s) open  NO adaptor(s)
      65-66 steel tubing any design 
      67-70 CAST IRON production manifolds PERIOD small OR big block , unless you have a verified drag unit OR  the '67 Super Snake
    So as I noted in the begining , Factory Appearing Slick Tire ( FAST) Shelby.
   I am considering a max 8 car race. If more enter ( free) , the fastest 8 would compete "heads up" and EVERY place would win $$$s  I already have one company wanting to put $500 in the "pot" and others interested. Please let me know your thoughts here or a PM if you prefer. This could get media exposure too.

Appeals / Still looking for current owner of 6S841......
« on: September 18, 2020, 11:10:32 AM »
   I have an important artifact for your car. Unbelievable actually. PM me if you own it . "What" I have will only be divulged to the actual owner , no one else.

Appeals / Current owner of 6S841 Please PM me .......
« on: June 08, 2020, 03:14:55 PM »
    I have something of serious value for your car only. No this is not a scam.


The Lounge / Went to the pharmacy today.......
« on: June 02, 2020, 11:41:51 AM »
 Needed some aspirin. Couldn't get any because people overcome with grief broke into the store  to get relief for all their personal grief and STOLE it. Then because of their unsatisfied GRIEF they BURNED the building down. Man those people show have allot of grief. Some of those who STOLE got even more grief when the poleice stopped them after an hour long high speed chase. So much grief they run to get back home to grieve. Now they have grief in jail. Might be sick now because of no social distancing being practiced during the looting at the Pharmacy. Oh the grief just keeps a pilin' up.
    "from the internet"

Swap Meet / WTT '70 Mustang drum brake spindles....GONE Trade made!
« on: September 03, 2019, 11:51:52 AM »
  Yup the big ones that road racers like to use. Perfect condition with hubs!  Will trade for '68-70 ( "three bolt") disc brake spindles that road racers don't like to use. Each pays his own shipping. The sooner the better. Rotors not needed , dust shields would be a nice plus but not a deal breaker. No rotors or calipers needed.
  PM if interested.

   Thanks to a local who swapped with me.

Swap Meet / WTT Used ORIGINAL R Model oil cooler ...
« on: July 02, 2019, 02:14:05 PM »
    No leaks , plenty of patina. GUARANTEED original from the '60's , full history known. Needs it's fins "combed" LOL A little time and patience would make it look like new.  Never had an engine failure go through it. Valued ( to me) more than a Cobra Automotive ( excellent) reproduction , I would trade for any one of the following:
    Differential case C4AW-B with '65-66 date
    "C" servo for '65-66 C4 must be an original ,( I can buy a repop as easy as you can)
    70-71 429 SCJ valve covers , no cracks , with drippers
     GT350 aluminum oil pan ( no repops)
       Four choices  and as always "satisfaction guaranteed"  I am not a picture guy so if this trade is dependent on them and MY  guarantee is not enough, don't respond . I am looking to find it a proper home , not line my pockets.
      Pm if you like , sitting on my shelf doesn't cost me a thing.

     Off of a boat engine , so while not "new" it has never had a clutch on it.  Yes the bolt holes to the crank all have the circular reliefs . No pictures , if that  is a deal breaker , so be it.  As always 100% satisfaction guarantee !  Perfect for a March or later engine build. $350 plus shipping as it will be fairly expensive.  Heck I might even be interested in trades , who knows.
   PM if interested.
   Price adjusted to minimum acceptable.

Parts For Sale / NOS '67 instrument bezel SOLD.
« on: June 10, 2019, 05:29:32 PM »
       Content removed by request of administrator.

SAAC Forum Discussion Area / This pertains to all SAAC members.....
« on: December 21, 2018, 01:20:26 PM »
   Happy and SAFE Holidays to all.  I appreciate the opportunity to be here among all of you especially in this time of reflection.
          Randy Gillis

SAAC-43 / A giant THANK YOU to drag race participants!!!!
« on: August 13, 2018, 02:15:23 PM »
    Once again the staff of Infineon Raceway bestowed the "Easiest to deal with" title on SAAC for Friday's drag program participants. NO failures , oil downs , stupid moves , speeding on the return road etc. Even with out shortened time slot , I got the impression everyone had plenty of runs.  THANK YOU from myself to EVERYONE that made it work. Your advance preparation and RESPONSIBLE actions led to the unheard of "passengers OK" nod from manager Georgia Siepel. Yes the very same lady that chewed me out in our drivers meeting! She relaxed the rules after seeing how YOU all acted on the track.  Before I left ( mild case of heat stroke) I went to the tower to thank her and she said "I forgot how good your people are". "Not like my local knuckleheads".
    Great job to all participants.

Services Offered / Service items at SAAC 43 Last minute post....
« on: July 31, 2018, 10:35:45 AM »
   i will be bringing a number of "service items" , mostly engine related to SAAC 43. If you have a need I should be in the swap meet area and have the "McGuyver" item you might need and keep you on track.

Up For Auction / NOS Parts !!! @ SAAC 43
« on: July 23, 2018, 11:07:03 AM »
    I will be taking approximately 400 NOS parts to SAAC 43. No body panels or sheet metal. There will be seals , gaskets, electrical, shift knobs , engine parts , interior parts etc. some stuff I never considered selling in the past. Plus a couple hundred used parts. Intakes , carbs , cams , valves , valve covers, air cleaners, Rmodel door window kit, C4ZE radiators all W-MO and dated , other assembly line parts, + more.  50 years of collecting. Also books , memorabilia both SAI and FoMoCo. WAAAY too much to list . NO pre sale , first come first served. If you can't attend , find a friend who is .
       Cash or credit card , one piece or a "bundle"

Appeals / Sponsorship wanted for the drag classes @SAAC 43.....
« on: February 09, 2018, 02:33:04 PM »
  Got an extra $50 or more? Opportunities to sponsor either of the two Howard Pardee challenge classes. Product, discounts, Model year ( hint , hint Coralsnake) cash  etc. If these classes get the interest and participation , they can be perpetual for future conventions. My local Hertz dealer has put up a $50 IF an ex Hertz rental wins either class. If one doesn't  he's not out a penny!
    For now the working title is The Howard Pardee Challenge sponsored by JBA. The title has been changed  after MUCH arm wrestling between Rick and Howard. Howard claims it was REALLY his idea and Rick stole it!. I got an email from Rick accusing me of being "bought off" by the ever devious Pardee . Fearing reprisal from Russian hackers and the "wrath of Pardee" , Rick and I have waived the white flag and let Howard muscle in on the tile rights.
     PM me if you want to be added.

   THANK YOU , it's all about the fun.
     Randy Gillis

SAAC Forum Discussion Area / Green light for Drag Racing @ SAAC43
« on: February 09, 2018, 01:50:04 PM »
   Check the SAAC 43 information  section

 not trophies.  YES we had to change the name. Seems as though Howard claimed the idea was HIS  and Rick stole it.  Rick thinks Howard "bought me off". They arm wrestled for a while and the title has changed for fear of 'the Spanish Inquisition". It's true one of them has graciously made available  $250 ( of J. Bittle's money )  for two 8 car each eliminator classes. Rick said using Bittle's money might attract other fish( sponsors) and raise the "pot". While being a much accomplished road racer , Howard has always had a nagging question , who is the clubs fastest ( or best) drag racer? Now with the aid of JBA sponsorship money (Howard said you know Rick wouldn't crack his wallet!) he will finally know. The two categories will be......
   "Original"  cars MUST be 62-70 ONLY SAI ( LA ) or SAI (MI) produced vehicles. NO replicas , continuation, tribute, H&M etc. There will be LIMITATIONS to keep the field somewhat equal. 10" maximum rear tire width , PRE '70 induction systems ONLY produced by SAI or Ford. NO aftermarket induction. PRE 1970 FORD produced cylinder heads ONLY NO aftermarket. More information to come as I get it.
   "OUTLAW"  ANY vehicle built to resemble,  and or ALL continuation , SAI (LV) , current Ford production , etc. Ford powered ONLY. ALL participants MUST have all NHRA legal safety equipment.  "Starts" will be "instant green" like the popular TV shows are. This will allow late model guys to flex their muscle against the old school cool guys.
   A small additional entry fee "may " be imposed to compensate the runner up and or semi finalists.  Maybe Paradise wheels will put up contingency money for using a Paxton blower in the Original class. Cobra Automotive might want to put up a couple of bucks. I will be looking  for others too. The more sponsers , the bigger the "pot" to win.

   For those who want to simply do the "fun runs", check the lug nuts , leaks , seat belts, helmets , overflow "catch can" etc in advance. Doing the checks now allows us maximum use of our three hours. To ALL those who have participated in the past THANK YOU!!! Your courtesy to track officials and car preparation  was THE reason the track allowed us back on the strip!!! They enjoy having us.
     More to come and don't hesitate to email me with ANY questions regarding the Drag Race portion of this convention.

      Randy Gillis
      PS  Wile I have had some "anonymous" donations pledged, Pardee will NOT buy his way into the "Original" class. You have my word on that ;)

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