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Yes sorry for my English, and I know that they have the dates on the cap as I have 20-25 of those here but I can't see when they changed. I just checked some and I also have 68s with the larger port and raised letters so it was changed later to embossed and not with the change of the port size. So if someone can help here that would be great.

Can someone here tell me exactly when the Bendix Control Valves were changed to embossed letters? I have some here and some are 68s. But the raised letter I normally see on earlier mustangs around 67. Is that correct, every information is appreciated. And when exactly did ford changed the pressure port sizes. Was it really from 67 to 68 model so there are no 67s with the larger port? I just wonder if maybe then they changed the casting and started also with the embossed letters.

the rest

some more

more pics

I just was working on some stuff and found these parts in my shelf, I think the lid could be 68 from my opinion as I have some 67 here and they look different and I remember from a 68 I had that had the same lid.

The base Im not sure where its originally from but it was on a 67 Gt500 that was pretty original and nothing was changed on it since the 80s.

The grilles were from a stable of parts I bought some years ago. Seller said original Shelby parts, but Im not so sure.

Thanks for the help.


Zach is awesome and really one of the best engine builders I have ever found. My 438 is really the best build by another person engine I had so far.

Can someone tell me how to identify an original gauge pod? I don't want to take off the one in my Shelby but I have the one on the pictures which was sold to me as an original.

Appeals / Re: How to test Tachs 67/68 Ford Mustang and Shelby?
« on: November 07, 2022, 04:31:13 PM »
I think that could help, you have my e mail from last week I think, thank you.

Appeals / How to test Tachs 67/68 Ford Mustang and Shelby?
« on: November 03, 2022, 03:59:51 PM »
Im still thinking about how I can test my tachs here. I have a 65 Mustang here with no tach and would like to use this engine as the bench. So would it be ok to take a 1.5 ohm ballast resistor between and put it in line with the ignition switch to coil +

I read on some other forums that some people don't use a ballast resistor and only put the tach in line from ignition switch to coil +

Is there maybe a drawing or something how to do it right, thanks...

I mean the 68 mustangs which had 8k tachs if there was one with redline.

Sorry but sometimes its hard to write everything in English so it's easy for other to misunderstood.

For the gauge pod are there any opinions if its original or repro.

How can I test the tachs? Maybe without an running engine.

Ok but were there Mustangs with a 8000 rpm tach and redline? It really drives me crazy as I never have seen a Mustang with redline 8k tach. And usually all Shelbys I have seen had this redline.

some more input would be great, how do I test the tachs the easiest way? I would like to check them all before I sell them.

i have seen those pretty similar but with the old ford part number on them like on mine and these also went away for a lot of money.

Yes I know that its different but thanks for the clarification as other will read this also and can learn from this, as I have 2 original ones I clearly see the difference and motorcraft was later than our cars, but I have seen exactly this filter in some sale ads etc. and people were asking 200$ that's why I asked.

p.s Bob maybe you can also give an statement to my 8000 rpm question in the concours talk. That would be great, thank you as always.

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