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You both need help.

No cheap shots and nothing delusional when the facts as stated are 100% true.

I gain not a single thing, not one dime by telling the truth in this matter.

The car is real, you will all be eating crow when the process of inspection is finished…

Dave & I both know what was said and what happened… I have nothing else to say on the matter.

All the best gentlemen…


Unfortunately he would, and he did exactly that.

The question of the car’s authenticity is not what this post was about. That burden falls squarely on Dennis’s shoulders now as he is the new advocate for the car.
My post was only to clear the air on a couple points….

I’m leaving it at that. I plan on no further involvement with the situation.

I also wish you the best and I truly hope that the situation with the car works out to be an incredible story.

I’ve sat back and kept quiet for a couple years and listened to all of the conspiracy theories and bashing from so many, including some of you guys….

To the ones who helped me and we’re supportive, I thank you very much. Every email and text helped me to get one step closer to solving the cars origin (1477).

Truth be told, When I first discovered this car and brought it home to Detroit from Chicago,, I found the transmission VIN stamp which was caked in grease & dirt. I immediately contacted Dave Mathews that day with as found car pictures and also with the VIN sequence (from the trans).

He knowingly mislead me as to the true identity of the transmission was. His words were that it was from a late ‘67 build and that it was from a Green GT350. Stated that all I had was a Old cut up Mustang.
Also, to add to his dishonesty, he fabricated a long story of how the green car had been stolen and recovered minus the driveline. He advised me that I’d be best for me  to remain silent about the car and the transmission because it could “open up a can of worms”.

He warned me that I could be opening myself up to legality issues because of the stolen status of the transmission…..  I have all of the original emails and conversations to back up everything I’ve said for anyone wanting to doubt me.

Also, for the doubters… reread my original posts regarding the car, the date codes that I shared and also the additional part and panel stamps DO in fact match with the 1477 build dates. It’s very easy to sit back and throw stones when you haven’t seen the car in person. There have now been respected and knowledgeable Shelby experts who agree as to the cars true origin. (1477)

Had he been honest from the start, this could have been an amazing find for the SAAC group as I came here to you guys first for help. I laid every piece of data out there for you openly and honestly.
Unfortunately for myself, We sold the car at an exact break even amount and it quiet honestly wasn’t much at all. Trust me. My cousin and myself wanted the car to go to someone who had the horsepower to take it to the next level, and hopefully someone with the ability to treat this car with the respect it deserves. I no longer own the car, so I have zero to gain by stating the facts. I’m not angry at Dave or the group, just extremely disappointed in how things were handled.

As owners and caretakers of such a rare brand, I feel that it’s your duty & obligation to try and find the true history of existing and also missing units when they come to light. I know that the car was butchered, but had you taken the time to help, rather than bash my attempts, this could have been a completely different outcome.

So this post will most likely get taken down and deleted very soon because it states some facts that some will find offensive, but I’m posting the facts as they happened. I feel that the group deserves to hear how Dave handled this situation. I completely understand the concept of protecting the breed from fishing expeditions to match VIN’s, but this was blatant. I now wish that I had posted the trans numbers from the start.


You may have read the other thread on my car. (B/FX racer found in Chicago)?.
It has a full break down on the car, but basically this is what I have planned:

289 bored or stroked to a 302. Large cam, slightly ported hipo heads and Hilborn fuel injection stacks.
The trans is a stock GT-350 4spd. I’m not very sure what the car weighs in at, but it’s pretty light.
I was thinking that the rear gear should most likely be around a 5:13 locker. The rear springs are stock AM Early GT 350.

I’m only going to exhibition race the car, no competition or anything like that.

Wow!! Thank you so much for the information. That's unbelievable that someone has learned and retained that knowledge after all these

As my car is being restored as close to in "As raced" condition that I can determine, these should be perfect since the car is missing the original engine and the entire straight axle transformation has been done with mostly "over the counter" parts from the Ford & racing catalogs of the day. I've also located a date code correct 7B12 engine block which will be built / machined to match as close to a Hipo spec as possible. Now I just need to research which rear gear set to use with a factory 4spd to get the best 1/4 times out of the 289. The car is VERY light and the engine is set back 8-10" in the chassis.

I have a chance to buy them at a decent price, but before I did I wanted to see what the group thought of them for use in a hopped up 289 in my drag car. I’m assuming as they are  warranty replacement Hipo heads that the performance should be pretty good for the low price.

What do you think they might be worth?

Couple more pics.

Hey guys. I was able to come across these heads from the stash of a longtime 60’s Ford racer who lives in my neighborhood. I’d love to get any opinions from you guys as to what you might know about these.

SAAC Forum Discussion Area / Re: Need help identifying a 289 block.
« on: November 08, 2019, 05:15:36 PM »
Thank you. That’s exactly what I needed to know. Please excuse my ignorance of the casting, stamping numbers.

SAAC Forum Discussion Area / Re: Need help identifying a 289 block.
« on: November 08, 2019, 04:55:03 PM »
Im not sure they made any C6 casting hipos   always  C5AE       maybe a 302  in a big car
I thought the same thing. It was the letter “K” stamped into the VIN on the block that caught my eye.
The date code is 7F8 so, 1967 June 8.

SAAC Forum Discussion Area / Need help identifying a 289 block.
« on: November 08, 2019, 04:35:06 PM »
Hey everyone. I came across an 289 engine that has an interesting VIN / casting sequence. I need any help I can get to see if it’s worth purchasing.

The block cast number is C6AE-6015-C, but the VIN stamped into it is 8K222264.
Does the K make it a Hi-Po?

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