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Thats the rub--which jacket? I've got ten leather jackets. so easier for a print customer to measure their own jacket

-from where the sleeve connects to the jacket down to where your cuffs end on your present jacket
-around the circumference with tape measure to where the two sides meet in at the waist

I don't start on the jacket until the print is done and paid for, then I send pictures of all the jackets I have available to see what shade you prefer, from dark brown to caramel; my own is dark brown, some sort of tribute to a rock and roll band jacket with my Bizzarrini painting added.

Sorry. $1K. that includes vintage leather jacket with same image thrown in. Mecum sold same size work by same artist, for over $1400 at Mecum Monterey  in 2022. Here's a jacket pic  tho not Shelby car

This is a 20" x 30" canvas giclee print of an oiginal painting of Phil Remington and Charlie Agaipou working on a Comp 289 (or 260)being driven by Bondurant. You can't see bondie's face but you can recognize the mechanics (Charlie's wife bought a jacket from the artist with this same image). Cash only. Will deliver greater  Los angeles area. write

Fine art did ten paintings depicting Shelby, GT40 & Cobras back in the '60s. Now on 11"x  17"" on heavy paper. I can send image of all of them in group shot, you choose, all are 11" x 17". $100 plus $25 postage (in US) for five rt paper prints
Any one of them can be ordered as 20" x 30"giclee prints on canvas these usually embellished further with oil added)A  canvas same size one by same artist is in the Mullin Museum, two more sold at Mecum Monterey 2022 (heir site shows price) Here's a story on the artist

Great for Shelby convention but can't travel outside Socal. email is

Found it!

All Ford Charity Car Show

All Ford Charity Car Show
PER CAR $40.00

Availability: Event Date: April 22, 2023
Product Code: Z26-UPLAND-2023
 Ford of Upland $40 PER CAR

Such as by Jack de Koobs Hartog. Any condition, or ten copies of different Griffon magazine, IBOC magzine.The Cobra prints are 11" x 17" on heavy paper shipped rolled. One print per book or one print for ten Griffons. Also got
single spaced typed Bizzarrini register running nineteen pages about 11" x 8.5"stretching back to 2014. No author identified. Doubted accuracy but when i looked up the five Bizzarrinis I barn found, all were mentioned (such as that of Carey Loftin, the stunt man,)so i was satisfied so if you just discovered this forgotten (now prized) marque here's a place to start keeping track of SNs. The Register only sold for cash. If you request delivery in person in SoCal I'll bring some 11" x 17" prints of Bizzarrinis that are $75 each on heavyweught paper..

Maybe you are making t-shirts , tote bags or jackets for enthusiasts. i am willing to trade use of one of my ten Shelby-related paintings for initially a one time cash payment followed by X number of whatever the clothing item is carrying the image of my painting.The work as used on cloting must keep the artist's signature. Send your website address to so i can see the merchandise you make and I'll direct you to websites featuring my work, including Mecum Monterey 2022 where one painting sold for $1700...

I came across this letter from 2008 on a AC Owner's Club register

It appears that what some collectors fear is already happening–aging 428 Fruas are being cannibalized for their chassis, which once shortened 6″ in wheelbase, can accommodate a 427 Cobra body. On an AC Owner’s club website I found one such case but they mention this fate awaits other 428 Fruas that are rusty or otherwise undesirable…

08, 11:38:40 »
Hi David

Both conversions already known and listed thanks in a first draft AC 428 Register I cobbled together late last year, which the Club has since removed to be replaced hopefully with their glossy on-line version sometime soon. [8D] I can attach a copy to an e-mail if you need.

To bring you up to date….


Extracted and copied across from old Register I’ve saved on hard drive :

CFX 35: Fastback. Automatic. Now 428/ Cobra Conversion.
Manual. LHD. Trade advert: La Baule, Brittany France.
Status: Active.
E-mail received 5/1/08.
“Dear Sir,
the car we have for sale is a conversion from an AC Frua 428 to an AC Cobra
427. The engine is not the original 428 but a 302 that has been fully
prepared and that devellopps 450 HP. The body is a SC one. The chassis
number is CFX 35. Aluminium oil and water radiator. Aluminium vapor oil
Tank. Aluminium water expansion tank. Special laiton 3 discs clutch. Gearbox
is a toploader close ratio, wheels are original halibrand with hoosier
Price is 200 000 €uros.
Sincerly yours,
PH : 00 33 2 40 24 10 36”

None of it's mine (I only have artwork made in modern times) , and it seems not all the lots are Shelby but see if you can open the site on Mecum On Time

or maybe this title

What's On Time this Week: Shelby American / Le Mans & [NEW!] Formula One Grand Prix

CSX 3000 Series / Re: Shelby Cobra GHIA SPYDER
« on: January 25, 2023, 11:47:15 AM »
The 450SS appeared as a Fiat concept car. Sugarman saw it on R & T cover, flew to italy and studied it then asked i buddy Hn DeLorean to get GM interested but according to  tory on Hagerty's website DeLoreans previous two seater idea was shot down so he recommended Chrysler. Chrysler greed to provide the drive train but it was imported for Sugarman not sold in Chrysler showroom. Nowhere in the Hagerty story doe it mention Ford being offered the car  but I was surprised to her OSI built the cars when previously I thought Ghia did. The Hagarty story says when DeTomaso ought Ghia in  '67 the last Ghia 40/SS was built

CSX 3000 Series / Re: Shelby Cobra GHIA SPYDER
« on: January 24, 2023, 02:25:39 PM »
More if only Giugiaro would acknowledge it as his offspring. He has done other one offs (including a Ferrari he owns) and they are always
worth more than the mass produced ones.

But if the original is not around to measure,how would you know how off you are proportionately, even a few inches could make the car look different, and then you went to all the expense for nothing.

There is still another 427 Cobra chassis with an Italian body, still running around in the UK, fortunately that still has the body, which was made for a Fiat 8V Supersonic by Ghia. It was once at a used car lot in Marina Del Rey,CA. That one is worth keeping the body because Fiat 8V Supersonics are collector cars themselves.

I'd research it more but want to know if it ever had an AC Cobra body in the first place, or is it like the Ghia roadster,it had no body? I may have run across the first owner of the Ghia body, a Mrs. Campbell . When I met her I never knew she owned one but read since that the ex-wife of the land speed record Campbell had a Fiat 8V Supersonic that was sent to a junkyard and maybe that's the same car and she knows what happened to it. She lived in the mountains East of Los Angeles but I have yet to look her up

CSX 3000 Series / Re: Shelby Cobra GHIA SPYDER
« on: January 24, 2023, 01:29:49 PM »
I stand corrected. Just over $600,000. The editor of MyCarQuest feels by not being a full bodied Cobra bodied car
from the beginning, that affected the price at the Jan. 2023 auction

CSX 3000 Series / Re: Shelby Cobra GHIA SPYDER
« on: January 20, 2023, 09:44:29 AM »
   I think it's a crying shame that the  Italian alternate body was not saved as it showed where the Cobra could have gone. Ironically I think the tail was wretched excess with pizza-pie sized taillights and the nose boring but at least it was the Italians adding their two cents worth.


   What happened to the Ghia roadster (with lift off hardtop)  body? Well, it probably went into the dumpster in the UK and it would cost maybe $200,000 today  to make a duplicate in aluminum from scratch .And who saved the blueprints? Probably nobody.

   I think if Giugiaro had listed it on his resume (like he did the Mangusta) it would have been worth more in Ghia clothing than it is now with an AC Cobra body. I can see his design input particularly in the side vent, lifted off his Maserati Ghibli design, done at Ghia

   The Mecum history includes several time gaps--but referenced paperwork included in the sale  documents AC Cars invoiced Ford Motor Credit for this order on June 1, 1965 with invoice no. A7948 and that Ghia removed unneeded substructure, installed a body on the car as a styling exercise and displayed it at the Turin Auto Salon.

   When  Gutke got it it was later crashed and the car was cut in half following the crash and that's when  Mike McCluskey,a famed Cobra restorer in Los Angeles,  bought it in the late 1970s. He sold to Larry Dubas for Scott Grissom in 1984 and then later it sold to Steve Forristall in 1986. Forristall sold the car in 1989 to Ted Thomas who rebuilt the chassis, including replacement of the damaged rail.

     The car then went to Cobra Restorers in Kennesaw, Georgia to begin the rebuild.They sent it to  Bruce Kimmons of Kimmons Coachworks in Lake Havasu City, Arizona for completion and installation of a full aluminum body. It finally rolled out into the sunlight in 1993 at SAAC 20 with the words "last comp chassis" written on the nose. It then went to sleep in storage for 14 years, until September 2011 before returning to Cobra Restorers to complete the restoration and a new owner.

    At Kissimmee at th mecum Kissimmee auction on Jan. 14th, 2023 , it sold for a high bid of $660,000
 (corrected 1-23-23)

When i was at the Petersen Museum 100th Anniversary of Shelby show a resident of the Inland Empire said they were having a Shelby show at a dealer near Rancho Cucamonga in April? I neglected to write down which dealer. any clues?  Thanx

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