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Yes sorry I should have been more specific.
The small block 68 GT would have to be the J code if Perry does only want a small block GT

(Iím also pretty sure 289s could be ordered Thru all of 68 but I think the confusion lies in that mid year they ran out of 289 blocks and used 302 blocks but the cars were still 2v C codesÖbut thatís all for another discussion another day)

Unsure if Perry knows you could get a 67 2v C code GT

Pretty sure 68 would be a J code.

Thanks for sharing the stories.  I grew up in Westchester County (moved South in 2002) and don't think I ever met Bob.  Wish I had.

Appeals / Re: Lock your credits from identity theft
« on: February 24, 2023, 12:41:11 PM »
May be hard to get the local PD to do much if there wasn't any financial loss.

If anyone needs help catching a scammer or getting restitution, drop me a direct message.  My buddy has a company that does just that.

Cars For Sale / Re: 2022 GT 500 Brittany Blue on Car Lot
« on: January 31, 2023, 02:34:08 PM »
Doesn't look like 1967 brittany blue to me!

The Lounge / Re: Rumor of the day
« on: January 30, 2023, 02:03:25 PM »
Would love to ask the owner "what were you thinking!?"


Sorry for not including the 67 K code (awesome car) and many others....  I love all Ford powered vehicles, but I would be here for days and I had to cut it off at some point, so I figured just the Shelby products considering this is a Shelby driven forum.

Have a good day!

No need to apologize at all.  Thanks for starting the post, it was great to have all the Shelby related cars in one post.  Totally understand why others were not included here.

Sold for $173,250  ó I think thatís before auction fees.

Hammer was $157,500. 2 phone bidders fought over it at the end. Tons of interest in it. So many people came outta the woodwork the day off.
Mecum site says phone bidders pay 12% but it looks like the winner may have negotiated the standard 10%.
All the website sold prices include the fees. I think the No sales donít include the fees

Regarding dust etc. Hereís my take. When you consign a car with Mecum you have 3 category of choices that cost $500, $1k, $1500. It seems depending on which you chose determines your potential day and lot #. If you do the $1500 category you have to state a range you expect the car to hammer for. Your category and lot # also determined where your car gets placed on display. All the collection cars are inside or under a tent on pavement. The rest are either under no tent or under tent on grass. It gets very dusty and itís a constant battle to keep the cars clean. Mine got delivered Thurs last week and when I got there Sunday afternoon it was pretty dirty, spent 2 hours cleaning it and then each day after 2-3x wiping dust off it.
Itís best if youíre a seller to be there in person or have someone there representing you.
If a Vert top was left down it was most likely because the owner put it down prior to going across the block. The Mecum drivers are so busy they donít have time to put up every top that was down when it was time for them to drive it.
Oceola Park as Royce mentioned is rented by Mecum. Iím curious how much in advance Mecum gets into town to set up because it takes a lot of setup.
I think I read the whole park (including a stadium) is 200 acres. I was advised to bring or rent a golf cart and Iím glad I did! They do have a company on site renting the one person little scooters for $60/day.

Hope that sheds some light on things.

I think with or without the buyer fees itís a current record.
I got to Mecum Sunday afternoon and it was interesting hearing comments and discussing the car with people. Some had no clue what it was and felt it was ďoh just a 289 and not an S codeĒ but once it got under the staging area Weds night more knowledgeable Mustang enthusiasts started coming out of the woodwork. I met some great Mustangs guys and the car received a ton of compliments. Heck some who didnít even know much about Mustangs wanted to bud in it due to the overall color combo of the car.
If youíve never been to Mecum Kissimmee and have a chance in the future try to attend this part of the 2nd week. If for nothing else itís an amazing car show. The variety is excellent.

67 FB K code, 4 speed.  Sold 157K not counting fees. Congrats!

Thanks! Whata experience!

If they have had vin issues in the past I think they have stepped up the inspection process.
My buddy ran his Blazer through yesterday and they were real sticklers prior to it getting here to make him find the frame vin. My buddy who runs a lot of cars thru Mecum says when it comes to vins they are strict. I know there are 5-10 cars sitting on the back lot not being run due to vin issues.
They even made my vin more visible which kinda annoyed me (I wasnít here during the inspection).

I don't want to be too harsh but is Mecum
the sleaziest auction company or do others
deserve that title? Truly sorry for asking.

Why ask if youíre truly sorry!? Lol

Can you explain why you say this about Mecum?
Iím asking since this is my first time at any big auction let alone having a car go through it.
I have a buddy who does a lot of Mecum auctions and is running 45 cars thru Kissimmee currently.

Regardless of how my car does, Iím glad I came to experience it.
Running a production like this in my eyes is a big undertaking but they do it often so they
have it down to a well oiled machine it seems

Some of the collection cars are pretty awesome!

Florida Region SAAC / Re: Mecum January 4-15, 2023
« on: January 06, 2023, 08:22:37 PM »

Thanks for the info.
Iím not on site yet but will be Sunday afternoon.
Iíll try to get some pics of the road art on Monday.
Is there specific pics of pieces you want to see?

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