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    There has never been a question that Ron brokered some of the world's rarest Ford parts. Jay Cushman would be his only rival if Ron were still in business.

   Amen to that.

      Not everyone is as fortunate as we are.

   So that makes you and I in agreement that it is not a 99 point car . Now for those here that are not "qualified" to offer their opinions like you and I , "I" offered some key things ( in my original critique ) that kept it from being a 99 pointer as Ron felt it was.  My comments were not to degrade the car , just the claim.

       I asked you a question. By your definition you are "qualified" to give your opinion. Is it a 99 point car?


         I would like to ask a simple question. "In your opinion , is the subject car a 99 point restoration?"

   The criticism I gave would be the same regardless of who represented it OR owned it. It was PURELY in response to the "99 point" assertion , NOTHING more. As I have said from the begining the car is beautiful , just not a 99 pointer.

Los Angeles Region SAAC / Re: Don't forget tomorrows show 9-18-21
« on: September 21, 2021, 10:36:38 AM »
   Thanks Rich , I stand corrected!

   Mine will never be a "99 point" car as long as I own it , but I still know what one should look like /have.

     Ron has helped many and again , I have no ill will . I chose a different path 34 years ago and I'm still on it. I don't expect (or care) anyone to understand , it's "MY" choice.
     Back to the car , no more personal stuff please.

Los Angeles Region SAAC / Re: Don't forget tomorrows show 9-18-21
« on: September 20, 2021, 11:00:46 AM »
IIRC Michael Riena was car #99 and that was 5R212

Yes Randy (gt350hr)…you were right, it is the same Ron Miller from Ford Power Parts (FPP) where you worked years ago and where you met your wife Carol who was working for me at the time. Now that my history is confirmed…

As I replied to Bob Gaines I am NOT, NOR HAVE I EVER CLAIMED TO BE A SHELBY EXPERT!   As I am sure you remember, I am an expert on FE Ford Engines and  I am very knowledgeable on Sm blks, 351C and 460 series engines,  as well as on 65-70 Mustangs, since approximately  400 went through my hands over the years. But I am not considering myself an expert on Mustangs either. 

Maybe someday I can only hope to be an expert in all areas, as you seem to portrait yourself  for years;   I suppose that it is based on your vast knowledge that it gives you the right to criticize and bad month  people that you don’t consider being at your level of expertise.
If you re-read my text of the car for sale, you will notice that as soon as it was brought to my attention that this car has not been judged at a Shelby event, please note  that I rectified it immediately  because I realized that  it was not accurate for me to claim that it  was a 99 point car.  With an add on note, I specified that it has not been judged and never graded at a Shelby car show.  Also on my outgoing emails in relation with this car, I removed the “99 point car”, but I left it listed as a #1 car, which I don’t think that this statement could be debatable.

This being said, if for years you kept some grudge against me, about which I totally ignored the cause… or if you have some kind of a personal vendetta against me, why don’t you simply come to me directly, either by getting together, or by emailing me or write me a letter to let me know what are the unresolved issues, so we can “bury the hatchet” instead of all this ongoing behind the scenes back stabbing? Who knows, maybe I’ll even buy you a chicken dinner!

 This country (and the world at large) are in enough turmoil right now, so all of our energies should be focused on healing, being proactive in trying to fix the problems, and helping each other before it is too late, instead of quibbling over some possible minor issues that may have happened 25+ years ago.

And in closing I really appreciate all the feedback received here about what is incorrect  about this car and I am looking into everything suggested. Thank you!!

      Yes it IS a free country and "I" choose to not be your friend. I see no benefit. I ignore you because I can and there is no grudge or vendetta as you imply. Yes I met my future wife while moonlighting for you , but why does that matter?  For the record , I enjoyed helping you at FPP . It's too bad it is no more. You know why Carol and I left , enough said.
  When ANYONE makes statements like you did on this car , I respond .  If you need to continue this I suggest you go to PMs.

The Lounge / Re: Electric versus nitromethane
« on: September 17, 2021, 06:57:48 PM »
     IF a 10,000 hp electric motor could be built and enough battery shoe horned into the vehicle to last for a few seconds , it might be e tough race. I doubt the tires would stay in one piece on the electric vehicle.

  It's hard to find one in California.

SAAC Forum Discussion Area / Re: Random car pictures
« on: September 16, 2021, 05:15:45 PM »
   Without looking I say Galpin. Now I'll checkout Coralsnake's site.

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