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Parts For Sale / 65 66 Mustang/Shelby Parts For Sale PRICES LOWERED AGAIN
« on: September 09, 2023, 08:27:19 PM »
I have some 65 66 Mustang /Shelby parts for sale. All parts are NOS.

1) Front turn signal lenses (L&R)....$35

2) Grille pieces (lower L shape), have a few small marks in them.....$275

3) Grille cover, covers the center of the two L pieces listed above.....$30

4) Front and rear bumper guards....$185  Front guards are SOLD

5) Black arm rest(2)....$60   SOLD

6) Tail light housings (2), have some spots of light rust on them ....$125

7) Two tail light bezels and 2 tail light lenses ....$180

8) Rear valance GT opening trim pieces .....$85

9) 65 Quarter panel ornaments...$115

10) 66 Quarter panel ornaments....$150

If interested in any item, please mention the item in your reply. You can reply to . Shipping will be extra. Thanks.

I have a 67 Mustang/Shelby am 8-track for sale. The radio does not have any cut wires. I do not have any knobs for it. I am unable to move the dial that indicates which station you are on. I am not sure of it's working condition. Price is $375 plus shipping. Email if interested.

Hi, I am looking for the correct floor finish on an April 10 built Mustang at the Metuchen plant on a 67 Mustang. Is it black, mixture of colors or is it the red iron oxide color ?  Any pictures would be great. Thanks...Greg.

I have a NOS driver side 1/4 panel for a Mustang fastback or Shelby for sale. This panel is in excellent condition with a few light scuff marks. This is the later stamping black panel. Price is $1850 plus shipping. Email if interested. Thanks.

I have an original 6000 RPM rally pac for sale. This rally pac is complete. Non of the wires have been cut and it comes with the mounting bracket. The tach needle moves when the tach has been shaken indicating that it works. I am not sure about the clock. This is a rare piece that dresses up the interior of your 65 or 66 Mustang nicely. Price is $425 plus shipping. If interested, email  Thanks.

Parts For Sale / 67 Shelby Original Hood For Sale PRICE REDUCED
« on: May 03, 2023, 10:16:02 PM »
I have an original hood for a 67 Shelby for sale. This hood came off of car #1505. It will need some repair work as there are some chips along the sides and it has some small cracks on the bottom side. This would be an easy fix for someone who knows how to work with fiberglass. Price is $2000 plus shipping. Email if interested. Thanks.

I have an original 67 Shelby trunk lid for sale. This trunk lid started its life on car #1505. This trunk lid will need some repair as it is split on the passenger side where it rises up. This will not be a difficult fix for a guy who knows how to deal with fiberglass. Price is $1000 plus shipping. Email for more info. Thanks.

Parts For Sale / 65-66 Mustang 4 Speed Shifter For Sale
« on: April 22, 2023, 02:55:15 PM »
I have a 65-66 4 speed shifter for sale. The shifter itself is in pretty good condition. The handle is in good condition with no major pitting but does not come with the handle or pull piece. This shifter has the original back u switch still attached. It also comes with a nice shifter boot and the chrome piece that goes on the shifter boot. Price is $400 for the shifter  and accessories that are on it plus shipping. If interested, email  Thanks.

Parts For Sale / 66 Comet Fairlane 390 GT Carb For Sale SALE PENDING
« on: April 16, 2023, 08:25:55 PM »
I have a '66 Comet or Fairlane 390 GT carb for sale. The numbers on the air horn are C6OF-9510-N LIST 3557 and is dated 502. This is a project carb as it will probably need to be gone through. The carb is complete other than the choke cap is broke. Everything moves freely. Price is $150 plus shipping. Email if interested. Thanks.

I have a 69-70 fastback windshield interior header piece for sale. ( Not sure of the exact name of the piece). It is about 40 " long and 2" wide. It mounts above your windshield on the header panel. It is not damaged at all but will need to be painted to match your interior color. Price is $85 plus shipping. If interested, email Thanks.


I am looking for an individual who lives near Nashville who would be willing to pickup some parts for me and ship them to Ontario, Canada. The gentleman who has them will not ship them. I would be willing to pay for your time. Email if you can help. Thanks.

I have a 70 Mustang or Cougar 428 carb for sale. The numbers on the air horn are D0ZF-9510-AB, LIST 4514-1 and DATE 974. It also has the correct metering blocks, 5671 and 5673. This carb has been sitting for quite a while so it will need a rebuild. Everything on the carb moves freely. This is your chance to get the correct carb for that valuable car. Price is $750 plus shipping. If interested in more pictures, email  Thanks.

Parts For Sale / 69 Mustang Driver Side Head Light Bucket For Sale
« on: March 20, 2023, 11:19:52 AM »
I have a '69 Mustang driver side head light bucket for sale. The bucket will need to have the paint taken off of it and painted the correct colour for your car. The bucket is complete but the bottom tab is partially broken away. Price is $75 plus shipping. Email for pictures. Thanks

Parts For Sale / 69 Shelby Mustang AM-FM Radio For Sale SOLD
« on: March 08, 2023, 04:19:18 PM »
I have a 69 Shelby Mustang AM-FM Radio for sale. I was told by previous owner that it worked when it was removed from the car. It does not have any knobs but all the wires are there and are uncut. The glass on the face has a crack in it also.  Price is $495 plus shipping. If interested, email for more information. Thanks.

Parts For Sale / NOS 65 66 Mustang Shelby Front Fender Extensions For Sale
« on: February 23, 2023, 12:39:08 PM »
I have a pair of left and right NOS front fender extensions extensions for sale. These are in there original boxes with only one box opened to take pictures. These are in excellent condition and they come with NOS mounting kit. These crack very easy so this is your chance to get a perfect NOS pair. Price is $550 plus shipping for the pair.

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