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SAAC Forum Discussion Area / Re: Real or Another False Narrative
« on: March 21, 2023, 11:31:39 PM »
" But thatís now how it panned out as just 12 were in fact built. Now, one of those 12 has cropped up for sale on Facebook Marketplace." 
Just in the first paragraph.  It does sound AI written.   Note the "But that's now......"   

Was recently told by the UPS clerk that I can buy as much insurance as I want, but unless they pack it, it isn't valid!!!  news to me?

I think it's been that way for some years.  Within the last 7 years, my family member refused to allow the store to repack their poorly packed glassware.  Then they were not able to purchase insurance for breakage.  The family members actions resulted in most everything in the box, broken. And no coverage as they assumed the liability when they refused to pay the few $ for the UPS store to pack correctly.   

In 1971 we had to move twice within some 14 months.  Dad had returned from Nam, been assigned to Montana where we were for just over a year.  Then on to the Pentagon.  We had stored boxes of stuff like Christmas decorations in the basement.  Never unpacked from the late December move to Montana.  the moving company said they had to repack to insure the stuff.  Hey, the government is paying for the move, knock yourselves out.  They got new boxes and packing papers, opened each of the old boxes, removed the contents, carefully unwrapped and often just wrapped it back up and placed into their box.  Part of the process was to make sure the prior move hadn't busted stuff that they would then be on the hook for. 

And pay attention to the shipper's advice.   We had a family member who decided to pack glassware in a box.  They hardly packed it at all, just some newspaper between each plate and things like that.  When they took it to the local pack-it-Ship-it place, the shipper took one look in the box and said "For $X we will pack this with bubble wrap and packing peanuts so it should make the trip".  Our family member refused.  Then complained when most of the contents showed up at the destination, broken. 

Up For Auction / Re: 67200F5A03002 on BAT
« on: March 10, 2023, 10:43:39 AM »
That's some bleached carpet.

SAAC Forum Discussion Area / Re: Random car pictures
« on: March 10, 2023, 10:41:38 AM »
El Shelbeeee and gourmet food with these two guys!

Notice the koooool white shoes....
You do know who those two are.......

I saw a funny post about the band Queen.  Early in their career when the band was first on an international tour, they were about to be late to an interview and photo shoot.  Deacon (bass) could not find his red shoes we waned to wear!  He was looking everywhere with Brian May (guitar) assisting in the search.  Suddenly, he's popped with a shoe by Freddy Mercury who says "Here Deac, just wear my white one's they look good".   It was some year(s) later when Deacon said he was looking at the photo from the photo shoot when he realized that Freddy was WEARING his red shoes and Deacon was wearing Freddy's white ones.  He went and asked Freddy about the shoes and without dropping a beat Freddy said "I just wanted to know what it was like to walk around in the shoes of the greatest bass player I know". 

SAAC Forum Discussion Area / Re: Hagerty ins. Leaving Ca?
« on: March 08, 2023, 09:07:49 PM »
Whatís the name of the hack insurance company?
It was some 4 years ago now.  I honestly don't remember.  But it wasn't a collector policy on the other person's daily driver.  It wasn't any insurance company I'd ever heard of.  IIRC the adjuster told me that company had some 4 different names they sold policy's under, all cut rate. 

SAAC Forum Discussion Area / Re: Hagerty ins. Leaving Ca?
« on: March 08, 2023, 10:45:41 AM »
Another point to consider, with all of the good shops extremely busy currently and most are becoming very selective about who they will deal with as far as insurance companies. If you have a favorite place or preferred shop ask the owner if they have had any issues. When my 2010 Mustang GT got hit by an Uber driver last year I took my car into the shop, when discussing the repairs the head guy asked me who the insurance company was? I told him that Allstate was who Uber used, he asked me who I had I told him my insurance information. He told me that if I wanted the car repaired correctly that I should use my insurance and subrogate with Allstate. I then asked him about collector car insurance and told him I had Hagerty. He responded that they are the best to deal with when restoring a car after an accident in his experience by far. So before you choose the cheapest rate ask the guys on the other end.

I had the exact same conversation with a body repair shop.  Not about collector cars.  I was in my 1999 F250 in a grocery store parking lot when this guy jumped in his Mustang and just put it in reverse and backed into me.  It crunched the fender just behind my front tire.  He seemed nice as we exchanged information but I noted lots of minor damage on his car.  he had some insurance I'd never heard of.  I called my insurance, USAA and just had a "Claim conversation".  Not officially "pressing enter".  Some 4 hours later, the guy calls me and tells me there was no way his car did "all that damage"!!  I tell him that he hit a fender, which is just thin sheet metal to keep from flinging mud and HIS bumper is reinforced.  He mumbled something and we said goodbye.   I hit the disconnect button and called USAA back to open the claim.  The next day I was at their designated body shop to get the estimate and had a similar conversation with the adjuster.  "he has X insurance?  They are hacks.  You are 100 percent doing the right thing, let USAA go after them.  You should....eventually, get the deductible".  He was right!  I just took the payment as the truck was ancient and I was shopping for a new one.  But some 4 MONTHS later (I'd gifted the truck to another family member) the other insurance contacted me with "We don't think our client did all this damage"  "We thank you for all the photos (sent from both me and the claims adjuster) but WE need to now inspect the truck" (WHAT?!?!  4 months after the damage?! They don't think people want to get their vehicles repaired?).  I told them USAA made me whole minus my deductible and they needed to call USAA.  I hung up and called USAA to report the contact.  They held back their laughter....but eventually I got my deductible even paid.  Like the claim adjuster said, "Why these hacks even try this against reputable insurance companies....."
All that said, I believe the collector car insurance companies seem to take care of their clients.  I can't remember reading any major issues with any of them.  But I always caution about shopping insurance based solely on the most inexpensive. 

This is blasphemous,  contact an attorney immediately.....oh wait you are one !
I'll call Richard Alexander Murdaugh.
That's funny right there.......
Didn't he loose his license?
He most certainly was stripped of his license to practice.  I watched the trial fastidiously for trial tactics and techniques in my own cases.  I can't believe Murdaugh's own lawyer asked a rebuttal lawyer witness on the stand if he thought "his client did it."  Very dangerous question for a lawyer to ask.  The answer might not have gone very well for him.  General rule is never ask a question you do not know the answer to.  You can anticipate answers and ask away knowing each consequence as to how the witness answers and if either answer does not cause harm then ask.  Otherwise do not!  Murdaugh brought shame to our profession.  It was tough to hear the financials in the prosecution's case in chief. He stole about $8 million over the space of ten years or so.  Downright embarrassing and painful to hear.  They shaved his head after sentencing.  I do not believe that was necessary but the message was sent to strip the last remaining dignity he might have had.  The guy was plain crazy.  I had never heard about blackout rounds before.  I have shot a few guns in my time but that one I had to look it up.  His sons becoming lawyers were of paramount concern for him.  I believe he shot his younger son knowing that this boat case and felony charges from said case would ruin any chance of Paw Paw getting into law school.  So he got rid of him.  The wife, who knows what that motivation might have been other than to silence her a  witness.  Murdaugh has cray  cray eyes.

Interesting case. I followed it also.

I was surprised at the verdict. Only 3-1/2 hours of deliberation!

I heard comments from former and current prosecutors who seemed to think that the Prosecution had issues both in not being able to produce the murder weapons and leaning heavily on Professional Witnesses?

The consensus at this point however, considering the results, is that it was a mistake to put Murdoch on the stand in his own defense. One comment was that attorneys make the worst clients and overrule their own defense teams.

Hopefully justice has prevailed and an innocent man has not been convicted?

In all honesty, I am grateful that I have never been called as a juror in a Capital case. That's got to be brutal to have to sit through that and have the decision placed in your lap. I'm not sure that I could do it?

I'm not sure the verdict will stand in appeal because it essentially is a conviction on circumstantial evidence. In this instance the weapon/s is/are essential. A first degree requires motive, opportunity, a body and a weapon. Eye witnesses help. Maybe the sentence will be reduced in appeal as a result?

I've heard stories of Defense Attorneys objecting to the testimony of eye witnesses because "they were prejudicing the Jury against their client" ! Seriously.

Regardless, I have serious empathy for the murdered and the surviving members of the family. Too bad a conviction can not bring them back?

"No one knows what evil lies in the hearts of men"?  For sure.

Dateline on Friday night (just after sentencing) made it seem the most evidence was the cell phone recording showing what a liar Murdaugh was.  There was some stuff I wondered about.  They have shell casings.  Were there fingerprints on them?  The house was not secured and a lot of the family friends were allowed into it the evening of the events.  I saw some other reports where there was Gun Shot Residue both on a jacket that he hid over at his mom's house and also on the seat belts in the vehicle he was driving.  But then I wondered, can they tell how recent the GSR is?  They are a "shooting" family so I would almost expect GSR to be around. 

This is blasphemous,  contact an attorney immediately.....oh wait you are one !
I'll call Richard Alexander Murdaugh.
That's funny right there.......
Didn't he loose his license?

Up For Auction / Re: Cobra Fender cover
« on: February 27, 2023, 10:18:57 AM »
Use it.
Mine got old . It was too stiff to use. It has life as a piece of wall art however.
Mine did the same.  I think it's draped over this huge hoist I got from my neighbor.  I think the plastic on mine also cracked. 

SAAC Forum Discussion Area / Re: Random car pictures
« on: February 25, 2023, 10:52:48 AM »
    This story is in response to the burn-out.

    When we first moved into this building 40 years ago we had displaced a mobile food vendor fleet business, and I won't go into details but experiencing through observation of the lack of sanitation coupled with a rodent population that would have made "Willard" jealous, I don't eat off any of those "roach-coaches"!  :o  But anyway, it was time for a new set of rear tires for my '72 Mach1, and being that there was still some rubber attached to the cords I decided I'd get the rest of my value from them, so one day at closing time I pulled into the shop, shut the doors, and began a burnout to end all burnouts!   ::)

     At first it was just a gag with the guys, then it became a challenge to see just how dense a cloud and how little visibility could be had inside a building!  After a couple of minutes everyone else had bailed from the building, but I persisted on, until I just no longer could breath, and I'm pretty thick headed so I assure you, it was bad, and I probably should have received oxygen when I finally gave up and bailed out of the building (come to think of it, this may be one of the events that has led to my current brain-dead stupidity  ::)), locked-up and left for the night.

    The next morning upon entering the building, hundreds of dead roaches on the floor everywhere!  :o  This proved to be the best de-bugging pest treatment I have ever witnessed, along with there were no more rodents or any other pests about any longer either!   ;)

    I had gotten better results from my old used tires than any service from the Orkin guy!  And cancelled his contract the next month!   8) 


Great story.  Reminded me of something. 
In the mid to late 1970's, I worked in auto parts supply stores.  The place I worked had about 15 stores around Dallas/Fort Worth.  The area then had at least three drag strips. Several of the people working auto parts, were big into drags.  The company bought out a store from a man and moved me and another guy to it to set it up, make it a "Company" store.  The store was in what was then a small suburb.  The store was in the towns largest shopping strip.  There was a grocery store, us, an insurance guy, maybe a restaurant or two.  We'd been transforming the store most of the summer, but also working on our own cars.  I'd purchased a 1970 Mercury Cyclone 429CJ car.  I'd parked it at the stores back door, pulled the motor and was rebuilding it in the back of the store.  Now our store we only used about half the space.  The back half of the store was just open floor.  My manager and only other employee, was one of those drag racers.  the parking lot often had his tow car with his early 60's ChevyII drag car on the trailer.  But he also had one of those 1950's front engine rail drag cars.  It wasn't very big, 350 Chevy.  One week he grabbed a tape measure and measured the opened to that back door, which was a double door with a center post.  He saw that the center post was removable and the opening was just wide enough to fit his rail dragster in!  It took both of us, but the next Sunday morning, we got the rail inside.  We worked on it for the week and by the next Sunday it was repaired.  Now the bright idea light dings on.  He decides to START the drag the back of the store....with those open curved straight pipes.  And once started, well you just HAVE to blip that throttle.  He had the windows shaking on the store.  Remember it was Sunday and we'd not thought this out.  Yes MOST of the stores were closed.  Restaurants, closed.  Spa, closed, barber, closed.  Grocery store.......   When he shut down we could then hear shouting from the front of the store.  Here was the grocery manager and the deli manager and.....the baker.  OH!  The cakes had all fallen, customers had thought we were under Soviet attack, children were scared for life.   We got chewed out by the main manager for all our stores.  I think they got a letter from the building owner about our activities.  I burned the midnight oil to get my 429 rebuilt and out of there.  College was starting back up anyway.   

We've had one....    :)

And what if you want to go 170 MPH?  ???

Appeals / Re: Lock your credits from identity theft
« on: February 22, 2023, 10:35:15 AM »
I've had our Credit Locks on for years.
If you are talking about a financial fraud, you need to work with your local police.  Don't worry about where the fraud took place.  We had two frauds.  First was a cloned check spent at a ToysRUs in Minnesota!  I've not been there in 50 years.  I talked with the bank and local PD.  A few years ago my CC was skimmed at Murphy gas station (VERY COMMON).  But then it was cloned and used at a small town just 40 miles away.  So I talked with the local branch bank and called the PD 40 miles over about me driving over, filling out forms, whatever was needed.  They said "Call your local PD, they take the facts and statement and they will contact us".  It worked great!  I sat in my living room and spoke with my local officer and a few weeks later I was getting calls from the other PD detective and assistant DA.  Yes, there was camera footage, yeah this was a known "person with legal issues", yeah they had her in custody....

1967 Shelby GT350/500 / Re: Bouncy speedometer
« on: February 16, 2023, 11:03:04 AM »
When mine have done that, it is the inside of the cable.  The part that spins.  It is a replaceable part.  You will need to remove the cable.  Get the correct inside part.  It pulls out.  There is information somewhere about how to clean it out.  Brake cleaner perhaps?  Dry.  Compressed air.  Graphite lube I think?  Replace the inside, install the cable and it should be fine. 

Appeals / Re: Check your credit reports PLEASE
« on: February 09, 2023, 11:33:41 PM »

Sorry it happened to you and thanks for the heads-up

We put credit freezes on at all four credit reporting places.  I just did a "Thaw" as I applied for a second card at our bank.  they told me which one they needed it done at and only for a few days.  I was happy at the Experian site to "thaw" it and I could tell them when to lock it back again. 
Our county also has a way to be notified about anything with our property title.  However it is SLOW to notify! 

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