Author Topic: Clips and discussion of the 1966 Shelby French Film  (Read 11678 times)


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Re: Clips and discussion of the 1966 Shelby French Film
« Reply #90 on: December 18, 2020, 03:25:05 AM »
If you need the translation of some parts of the movie (maybe not the whole movie, too much work ^^), I can do my best  :)


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Re: Clips and discussion of the 1966 Shelby French Film
« Reply #91 on: July 25, 2021, 02:56:04 PM »
    The pictures on dollies and stacks of indistinguishable parts along side could be because this group had "over ride" traction bars which obviously would require interior removal. Your thoughts?

Not sure where your came up with the group being cars with the over-rides. I must have missed something. Nothing I've seen so far would determine when the film or individual shots were taken only when they couldn't ;)  Items "in front" (from the camera mans view) of the bins are sway bars.

The intake ( to be shown in the later sections of the film not yet posted) was being installed on dark colored (non- white) car. Can't make out a filler tube ( if there) for the automatic but  "IF" the that part of the film was taken around the same time of day the other sections were taken, of the line - those cars had chrome magnums which ( as you know) were most often seen on Hertz cars though other non-Hertz cars received them also.

Later in the film there is welding going on under one of the cars at the rear suggesting, possibly, that the worker was welding the forward under ride attachment point  to the frame rail

Randy's theory (regarding overriders) could be correct. According to the Registry, the installation of Autolite carbs began with serial #6S801 which had overriders, Koni's, Mico, etc. I also believe that the healthy amount of sparks/slag that is coming from the passenger side-rear are from a cutting torch (one of their favorite precision tools) being used to remove the factory outer rear end bump-stop brackets from the frame. be continued, I'm sure.


I believe the last car known to receive over-rides was 6S919 and the first car known to have under-rides was 6S923. If the Autolites started with 6S801 then it looks like these cars should be in the range between 6S801 and 6S919 (or possibly 6S922).

Steve,you could narrow that down if the car can be confirmed to have overrides. I don't think that has been established yet.It is still a "could be"possibility however.

I use to own 6s922 and looking back at some of the picture I am sure it had Under-rides