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Re: Oldest Shelby owner George Dedekian

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It is so nice to see that George Dedekian (age 98 and original '67 GT-500 owner) is still with us as noted in the fall edition of the SHELBY AMERICAN.

I haven't seen him in many years but he and his late wife Eleanor were a driving force along with the late Dr. Bob Kerwin ('66 SHELBY #144) as they were the SAAC reps here in New England for many years. George's '67 is pictured in the old SHELBY BUYERS GUIDE wearing the Massachusetts plate HSSSSS. Wishing you many more years sir.

Many blessings

George is a great guy. Best to him.

This is great to see!  All the best to George!!

Last time I saw him was in the 70's  8) Time flys by .


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