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Cobra Ned:
For at least the past 15 years, an individual has made various posts on different social media and other websites attacking SAAC, its officers, its directors, its Cobra Registrar, and cars he chose to insult. Many of these have appeared through a website called WordPress, which allows posting of unsubstantiated claims but does NOT permit responses challenging them. 

This has given the responsible individual an open season on people and vehicles, and he has taken advantage of this opportunity to call everyone with a position of responsibility with the club all manner of inappropriate, spurious names while simultaneously lying to prospective buyers of different Cobras claiming they were replicas and fakes that SAAC was trying to profit from by selling. He also claimed to be an independent private investigator of the FBI's Los Angeles office, a claim which we immediately proved was a lie.

SAAC has done everything possible to counter the absurd allegations leveled at us without success. Now, it appears that karma has flexed its muscles.

Richard Cranford was the person making these false statements. When confronted by various people he attacked, he cursed at them and refused to acknowledge his participation in the various lies spread around the internet. I am relieved to report that Cranford is no longer among us, as we have just received the news that he has died. Roughly 4 years ago, Richard was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and possibly one could blame it for his mental illness. However, unless this tumor was invading his brain for over 15 years, his own desire to lash out at people who refused to listen to his absurd demands preceded his illness.

I would never wish cancer on anyone. And I am sorry Richard had to go through the process. But I won't say I miss him, and I doubt anyone who came into contact with him ever will.

Bye, Dick!

I just found and read some of his posts on a Wordpress site.  He sounds like a real piece of work. Sorry you had to endure that for so many years Ned (and others). Thank you SAAC for all you do for our hobby. 


Never heard of this, how do you  get to it? Did you need a password?


--- Quote from: davez on October 14, 2020, 07:49:19 PM ---Never heard of this, how do you  get to it? Did you need a password?

--- End quote ---

Search "SAAC Conspiracy" in google  ::)

Richard was a real piece of **** work  :o

Had the displeasure of running into this guy when an early VIN Mustang was discovered and he tried to say the door tag and VIN stamping on the car was fake.  A convertible which had been advertised as the earliest known 'production' VIN had been advertised for 7 figures if I remember right.  Somehow he got involved in that camp and didn't like when I validated a car with a VIN one number less than theirs.


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