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SAAC-46 National Convention, Sonoma Raceway, CA

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--- Quote from: 427heaven on August 22, 2021, 11:30:06 AM ---Sometimes when you here crickets after a question was asked, it speaks volumes. Doesn't have to be exact, just curious?

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My first thought is, if you can't pick out vintage cars in the reasonably good quality picture, how important can it be to you. But that's being kind of snarky. Perhaps you have poor eyesight. So to give you a polite answer, about 50 vintage cars. I didn't verify every Cobra, but my guess is more replicas than originals. Two Ford GTs, at least another three in the garages. Probably another 50 vintage cars in the paddock. Hard to keep up with track cars as they come and go. I know I didn't see the '68 engineering car, but was told it was there, but wouldn't start.

I had three days of enjoyment there.

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Since we asked a very simple question of how many vintage cars showed up I was just looking for a simple number, thats all, no more or no less. I was not there and dont know how many tents, parking lots, storage areas where cars might be positioned. Now to get to your statement, yes I could see the picture very well, and was not looking for a snarky answer so a polite answer was well received. Nobody cares if you had a good time, and no one asked that question of you, so simple questions just require simple answers. Thanks!

Next time I will let the crickets reply.



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