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Team Shelby East Coast Nationals


charlie D:
Anyone planning on going to the Team Shelby East Coast Nationals? Looks like a good event. I am registering to attend and with any luck I'll have the Shelby ready to drive there.
Charlie D

Corey Bowcutt:
My car is out of commission for a while so I unfortunately will not be attending.

charlie D:
Attended the Team Shelby East Coast Grand National. Even though their members are mostly the modern Shelby's, the events suit all of us. Good group of people, track time at Pocono, Ford high performance driving school and on track instruction, touring laps, parade laps, rallye from Pocono to Carlisle, 3 car shows, 3 organized dinners, lunches, team tent for shade and lunch at Carlisle. If the SAAC event is too far for you to travel, like it was for me this year, recommend considering attending the East Coast Team Shelby event.
Charlie D

Thank you for the kind words Charlie! I was one of the event organizers, Set up and was in charge of the track day at Pocono, co-chaired the Poker run, and helped with anything else. As you said, the weekend was great. And all from SAAC were invited, they did miss a TON of track time, genuine Shelby Camaraderie, and fun.

Yes, we'd truly like more from this side of the road to join us in the future.

It was nice meeting you Charlie.  More power to anyone who can make a trip like that in a 54 year old Shelby with no AC! Same here, Sonoma was a bit far so I tried the ECGN and was happy I did.  And a public thanks to Cobrask8 for a great job and a lot of hard work! 


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