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Mike Shally:
We will start judging a couple of cars on Friday, we also plan on having a short meeting on Saturday with Judges and owners. This meeting will  probably be in area 8 under a tent we hope.

Instructions form the track:
If you need to unload before 6p or so on Thurs, please unload  in Lot 3.  If you arrive after 6p, you should be able to unload in a fire lane behind Area 8 and then park your tow rig and enclosed trailer in your paddock space in Area 5 or on the other side of Area 8.  We do ask that flat trailers be parked up in Lot 2 .

Thanks Mike

Looking forward to it!   ;D

Don Johnston:
Great to have this in advance.  Thanks.

Do you require weather equipment installed on cobras for judging?


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