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Re: Shelby Prices Today?
« Reply #30 on: August 03, 2021, 05:47:04 AM »
I sell regular Mustangs in Europe. I buy 90% of them from the states

Prices are crazy. In eighteen months the price of my target cars has went up $10-15k. Also selling prices here have jumped an equal amount. Iím not making any more margin.  Just the cost of doing business has went up

I do think Covid has caused prices to rise tremendously. Folks had a lot of free time and extra money whilst not going on holiday or work in some cases

I would love it to continue but have seen roses nearly
Every month. Now is that when a guy tries to price his car he looks on the net and sees an $80k 68 C code Fastback so he asks 80?  I think there is a lot of that

I used to try to buy cars as soon as they were listed but lately have bought them after not selling for a few weeks at a higher price than I paid

I also recently sold my 66 GT350 driver quality car

I probably paid over the odds when I bought it but loved the body integrity, color and trans it had. I had what I felt was a lot in it and advertised it for exactly that amount. Someone saw the value in it. I sent them a bus load of photos and videos. They sent the money and sent her back to the US

We are not on this earth for a long time. Also I think our freedom to use these cars may be curtailed at some point. Who cares if a car appears ten percent over the odds. Buy it snd enjoy it. Future generations will be starting at them on display wishing they could do what we take forever granted


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Re: Shelby Prices Today?
« Reply #31 on: August 03, 2021, 09:21:07 AM »
Written several years ago, but still kind of relevant:
What a great story you wrote many years ago. It reminds me of when I went and looked at my 70 GT350 vert at the end of June 1985. Having a 70 GT500 drag pack FB torn apart in my garage my vert was advertised in the Detroit News. I always wanted a vert and missed out on a 69 GT500 vert  months earlier by a few hours advertised for 9900(a friend Kurt Fredrickson and SAAC-MCR member  bought it and still owns it to this day). Now at the same time/day I was interviewing for a job at GM and my wife was pregnant with my first son. A lot going on for a 25 year old. So I drove to Ann Arbor mi to look at the car. Came home and drove to Warren Mi to interview for a job(took a vacation day from my current job at the time). That evening I went back to see the Shelby and to drive it with my wife. Now the car had its share of warts and the price to me was high at 14K. Money I didn't have just hanging in my bank account. So after our test drive I was going to pass and asked my wife what she thought. She said BUY IT. so I negotiated it down a little and could have had it for 500 less if I let the owner drive it to Chicago for the weekend to visit friends(he took AMTRAK). Owner lived in Sarasota Florida and drove the car up to Mi for the Detroit GP and was staying at a rental house he owned up here. Showed me 2 speeding tickets in Ky for over 90MPH and mentioned this new radar feature called instant on as his radar detector couldn't protect him from that!. I paid 500 more to have it that Friday and started my new job on Monday. The only problem was getting the French title transferred in Mi.
  Thanks to Tony Branda telling me what he paid for a fully restored 70 GT350 vert(mid to high 20s) recently at the time  and how rare they were and  Rick Kopec's advice in his book  on you never pay too much for a Shelby you just buy it before it's time and my wife's opinion I wouldn't own my vert today or have 36 years of memories with it. I added another set of seat belts in it as I ended up having 3 kids and they have fond memories driving in the car with the top down. Gary
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Re: Shelby Prices Today?
« Reply #32 on: August 03, 2021, 12:28:29 PM »
I've been attending collector car auctions for about 30 years (not as long as a lot of you I know...) and for maybe 25 of those years I walked away thinking "people are crazy, always over paying".
The it occurred to me that maybe I was looking at things incorrectly.  How was it that I was right about prices (they were always too high) and all of those buyers were wrong? 
The market is what it is.  If after a long time period you think everything you look at is overpriced, it may be time to adjust your thinking. 

If you are looking at spending $250k on a car just because you like it, you likely can afford another $20k.  Just spend the money and don't look back.

I use it to motivate myself to earn a little more.  I figure I can always make a little more money!

Just find one you like and buy it.
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Re: Shelby Prices Today?
« Reply #33 on: August 03, 2021, 03:21:06 PM »
Steve...sent you a PM.