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1967 Shelby's at SAAC 46


I'm still trying to ID ALL the '67 Shelby's at the convention.

Photo's are trickling in (with help coming from 'csheff' and 'jguyer'...thank you both!)
All corrections to the below list (and any '67 photos) are welcome. I will update as needed.

CONCOURS ​(only one GT350 was shown that I'm aware)
#1308 GT350 White with Blue Le Mans stripes, Mag Stars w Small Letter Goodyear's, vertical inboard grille, and no antenna

#0085 GT350 Bronze Metallic w no Le Mans stripes, Mag Stars w Cooper Cobra, USL's, slant inboard grille (7/31)
#1331 GT500 Brittany Blue w no Le Mans, Parchment interior, tint, 10-spokes, black walls (7/29 in parking lot)
#1691 GT350 White w no Le Mans stripes, vertical inboard grille, Torque Thrusts, RT fender antenna, lowered stance
        (need VIN tag photo)

1st row
#1962 GT350 Red w no Le Mans stripes, chrome 10-spokes w black walls, RT fender antenna, vertical inboard grille
#0561 GT500 DMGreen w Gold Le Mans stripes, 10-spokes w black walls, RT door mirror, RT antenna , louvered hood
#0729 GT500 Brittany Blue w White Le Mans stripes, Mag Stars, Small Letter Goodyears, Parchment interior
#0078 GT350 Red w White Le Mans stripes, Mag Stars w BFGs, wheel lips mldgs, slant grille, USLs, flat tail panel, valance trim
#0083 GT350 Nightmist Blue w White Le Mans, Mag Stars, Large Letter Goodyears, USLs, fender Terlingua fender logo

3rd row
#1947 GT500 White w no Le Mans stripes, torque thrusts, Small Letter Goodyears on front, vented hood
          (1 of 3 factory built 427 Shelby's)

TA Coupe:
If you want pictures try contacting Gotbluemilk


I think Ditto (GotBlueMilk) only photoed the track cars of the drivers who told him they wanted to buy them. I photographed everything that moved including the parade laps. I took thousands of photos. I posted them on my website - :) :)

I am the photographer with the safari hat who was shooting at the K-wall through a photography window in the fence top of turn #2 when the #10 Daytona Coupe spun in the vintage race and stopped backward right across the wall from me. I posted the photos in the "Vintage Race" gallery on my site.


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