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Mike Shally:
I contacted the trophy company this morning for an update: their response was the order should be shipping next week of sooner.
I want to give you an idea what the process is and why it seems takes so long.
First question was who was going to handle the trophies SAAC or the Concours chairman, then the type of trophy needed to be picked out which lead to developing art work for that format, then it gets sent to the  trophy company for their art department to finalize the art work then it gets sent back to me for review and approval. After SAAC approval the order is sent to production, at this point it takes about 2-3 weeks before delivery. Once I receive  the trophies they get repackaged and send to each of the winners.
I want to thank everyone for their patience and it's an honor work with everyone

Thanks for the update Michael !

Special Ed:
Good job Mike as you handled your part of the concours show part well and i heard no complains this years.

Mike Shally:
I now have the trophies and I think they look great and I hope everyone else agrees. I have started the repackaging and labeling process with the goal of having them to the post office by Friday.I will keep everyone posted on the progress.

Thanks for the effort on this. Know itís not the glamorous side of the job but is appreciated


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