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Can anyone ID this '67 Shelby from a member of the South Jersey Mustang Club?

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Any members of the South Jersey Mustang Club?

I'm trying to ID this red '67 Shelby of one members' car
This photo was posted on the SJMC website.

It appears at some south jersey car shows and was also at SAAC 33 back in 2008.
There are a few other photos of his car. Most are from the side, but it does appear to have inboard grille lights.

Are you looking for the vin number ?

mark p:
I have 2 photos from last year at a local "watering hole"... this car is definite inboards.. I did not note any other details.


--- Quote from: Blackcar on October 29, 2021, 10:34:36 PM ---Are you looking for the vin number ?

--- End quote ---

Yes, I'm hoping to find out the Shelby VIN. You can send me a PM, if you prefer.
I'm also trying to find a photo from the back to show the tail panel and valence. Even an open trunk photo would be helpful.
Thank you

Mark P,
Thanks for sharing those two photos.

mark p:
Rich -
You are welcome. I updated that one photo with better cropping (imgur problem last night :()
I just saw that car [again?] 2 weeks ago at the Vineland Cruise (I guess?)... how many "driver" red GT350s with inboards could there be around here  ???
I don't recall ever seeing the owner with the car.


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