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Thoughts on a Spring SAAC Carolinas Shindig on May 21st?

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Bill Baker has graciously offered to host another spring outing at the Hickory Regional Airport in Hickory, NC on Saturday, May 21st, 2022.  Last year's event was an unmitigated success, parking classic Shelbys and Fords under one of a kind retired military aircraft.  They open at 10am, so he'd like to have everyone parked by 9:30 and stay until 2pm, understanding that people may have other commitments and need to leave.  Anyone who needs to leave early, can be parked by the fence entrance for easy departure. 

Can I get a few opinions as to whether or not this is what everyone might like?  ;D

I missed last year due to circumstances beyond my control, I'm up for it this year.


The CHEERWINE Festival is in Salisbury that same day but I can easily forego that to be with SAAC people and their cars! :)

Iíll be there if Iím not traveling for work!  Rob

Thanks to Bill and all the museum crew for having us back . We must have behaved ... enough ... last year.  A lot of cars I had not seen before. That would be a "YES" for us.



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