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1977 Nov/Dec Shelby-Cobra Owners Assoc. of the Southeast Newsletter Scans


I'm posting this for Bill B.  :)

Here are two scans from the 1977 November/December Shelby-Cobra Owners Association of the Southeast Newsletter.  It has some coverage of the 3rd Annual SAAC North Carolina Fall Meet, held in October 1977 at the Pine Mount Lakes Resort, which is just southwest of Hickory. Bill says there were over 80 cars with 125+ people who attended.   His friend was the Editor of that newsletter for years and recently found several copies from various years and gave them to him.  Back in the 1970s/80s, he and his wife commuted in Atlanta with their daily drivers, a '69 GT350 and '66 Sunbeam Tiger MK1.  Ah, the good 'ol days! 

Impressive gathering


--- Quote from: JD on February 27, 2022, 09:54:39 PM ---Impressive gathering

--- End quote ---

I especially like the 'Finest 289 Cobra in the world!' owned by Jim Sulkosky

I was there I would have been nineteen at the time I had a 1966 Shelby there.
How times change...

Like baseball..

"when it was just a car show..."


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