Author Topic: Saw ad from Texas selling memorabilia--one time deal or is this a business?  (Read 595 times)


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The ad dates back to  Dec. 17, 2021.I am trying to find out, was this a one time sell-off or is this offer continuing?  Has  anyone dealt with this dealer before? There was a picture with the ad of three racing Cobras but I don't know if this is the advertisers own collection or at some event.I recognized Bondurant and Bill Neale,the famous artist. among the half dozen people posing with the race cars

Carroll Shelby/Cobra Memorabilia and Books – Large collection for sale

by Jay

Carroll Shelby/Cobra Memorabilia and Books – Large collection for sale.

Many items signed by Shelby and  members of his team, including drivers and builders. Contact Jay in Texas at 817-261-1420 or
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The advertiser replied--it's the whole collection for $10,000
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Here's the list he sent me 5/2/2022

Please note: The prices are to give credence to the total asking price (see last page).
I am interested only in selling the collection as a complete package.
Cobra Inspired Sports Car Assembly Manual CD by Gary Brizendine $15.00
100 Years of Ford by David Lewis $25.00
Shelby, the Man, the Cars, the Legend by Wallace Wyss $10.00
Shelby Cobra Fifty Years by Colin Comer $20.00
Daytona Cobra Coupes (special signed, numbered edition; No. 258 of 400; signed
by Peter Brock, Dave Friedman, George Stauffer, 22 drivers, and 18 crew;
included in the driver signatures are Carroll Shelby, Jim Adams, Chris Amon,
Bob Bondurant, Craig Breedlove, Bernard De St. Auban, Allen Grant, Jerry
Grant, Dan Gurney, Phil Hill, Bob Holbert, Innes Ireland, Bob Johnson, Hal
Keck, Ed Leslie, Jochen Neerpasch, Tom Payne, Jack Sears, Peter Sutcliffe, Dick
Thompson, Maurice Trintignant, and John Whitmore) $4,750.00
Remembering the Shelby Years (one of only 185 printed; this copy is one of the
fifty – note misspelled “Firedman” on spine – and it is signed by Carroll
Shelby) by Dave Friedman $425.00
The Cobra Story, A Man, His Dream, and His Automobile by Carroll Shelby
(signed by Carroll Shelby) $500.00
The Essential Buyer’s Guide, Cobra Replicas by Iain Ayre $10.00
Cobra Daytona Coupe CSX2601 World Champion (signed by Peter Brock, Chuck
Cantwell, Dan Gerber, Lew Spenser, Don Yeager, Susan Warne, Bob
Bondurant, Alan Grant, and Phil Remington) by Peter Brock $200.00
The AC Cobra by Rinsey Mills $10.00
AC Cobra The Complete Story by Brian Laban $75.00
Cobra and Shelby Mustang 1962-2007 Photo Archive by Wallace Wyss $20.00
Shelby’s Wildlife, The Cobras, Mustangs and Dodges by Wallace Wyss $25.00
The A. C. Cobra, Profile Publications No. 60 by Anthony Pritchard and Keith
Illustrated Shelby Buyers Guide by Jay Lamm and Nick Nicaise $10.00
Shelby, the Man, the Cars, the Legend by Wallace Wyss $10.00
Shelby American Racing History by Dave Friedman $50.00
Cobra Replicas by Iain Ayre $10.00
Cobras and Cobra Replicas Gold Portfolio 1962-1989 by Brooklands Books Ltd.
Car and Driver On Cobra, Shelby and Ford GT40 1963-1984 by Car and Driver
Road & Track On Cobra, Shelby and Ford GT40 1962-1992 by Road & Track
Cobras and Replicas 1962-1983 by Brooklands Books Ltd. $50.00
Shelby Cobra Gold Portfolio 1962-1969 by Brooklands Books Ltd. $30.00

Cobra, the Real Thing by Trevor Legate $125.00
Cobra The Shelby American Original Archives by Dave Friedman $35.00
Essential AC Cobra, The Cars and Their Story 1962-1967 by Rinsey Mills $30.00
Shelby Cobra, The Shelby American Original Archives 1962-1965 by Dave
Friedman $35.00
AC Cobra, The Complete Story by Brian Laban $35.00
Shelby American Racing History by Dave Friedman $50.00
Car Classics, Confronting the Cobra by Brackland Publishing Ltd. $25.00
Supercar & Classics, Le Mans AC Cobra On The Road by FF Publishing $25.00
How to Build Cobra Kit Cars by Brian Smith $20.00
Carroll Shelby’s Racing Cobra by Dave Friedman and John Christy (signed by
Carroll Shelby) $75.00
AC Heritage, From Three-Wheeler To Superblower by Simon Taylor and Peter
The Complete Guide to Specialty Cars by Motorbooks International $15.00
Classic ACs, Auto-Carrier To Cobra by John McLellan $125.00
The Complete Guide To Cobra Replicas by Crown Publishing $10.00
AC Cobra 1962-1968 by Brooklands Books $25.00
Shelby, The Complete Book of Shelby Automobiles, Cobras, Mustangs, and
Snakes by Colin Comer (signed by Alan Grant, Chuck Cantwell, Dan Gerber,
Susan Warne, Phil Remington, Bob Bondurant, Lew Spencer, and Don Yeager)
Cobra The First 40 Years by Trevor Legate $100.00
Original AC Ace & Cobra by Rinsey Mills $325.00
World Registry of Cobras & GT40s 4 th Edition by Kopec/Eber $450.00
World Registry of Cobras & GT40s 1997 Edition by Shelby American Automobile
Club $375.00
Shelby Cars In Detail, The Publisher’s Edition (No. 137; signed by Frank Barrett
and David Bull) by Frank Barrett & Boyd Jaynes (signed by Bob Bondurant,
Jack Sears, Phil Remington, Dan Gerber, Mario Andretti, Peter Brock, Chuck
Cantwell, Dan Gurney, Allen Grant, David Murray, Bill Neale, Susan Warne,
Don Yeager, Lew Spencer, Bill Murrey, et. al.) $500.00
Cobra by Beki Adam $10.00
Shelby Cobra, Mustang, and Dodge by Steve Statham $10.00
Cobra 427 Chassis Instruction Book by Shelby $100.00
Autoweek Carroll Shelby special issue May 28, 2012 $15.00
Road & Track special issue celebrating 50 years of Shelby May, 2012 $15.00
Inside Shelby American by John Morton $28.00
Motor Trend Presents Shelby, A Tribute to an American Original by Motor
Trend $25.00
Can-Am 50 th Anniversary (special Collector’s Limited Edition) by George Levy
and Biro (signed by both and numbered 81 of 300) $100.00
The First Three Shelby Cobras by Gordon Bruce $50.00

Shelby American Up Close and Behind the Scenes 1962-1965: The Venice
Years by Dave Friedman $75.00
Shelby Cobra The Snake That Conquered The World by Colin Comer $75.00
Go Like Hell, Ford, Ferrari, and Their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans
By A. J. Baime $10.00
Shelby Cobras CSX 2001 – CSX 2125, The Definitive Chassis-By-Chassis History
of the Mark I Production Cars by Robert Walker (signed) $250.00
Included are 100-plus issues of various magazines about Cobras and Cobra
replicas/reproduction cars; numerous Cobra photos (all original), and a box of


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John Lamm was a ]Road &Track photographer and free lancer who died recently. Hard to say if his book collection  was worth that--maybe he had a lot of free books he got while working for Road & Track. I don't know how actively he traded books to get the very best (photography wise) that he could get. Maybe the Shelby collection is worth more comparatively because it also contains pictures. And assembled by a collector who was specializing, no Huppmobiles thrown in. I can see the John Lamm photo collection worth more than his book collection because he had the opportunity to take pictures of rare cars snot just at events but at the collector's home or museum. I don't know if it's coming up for sale.