Author Topic: Indiana SAAC Fall Classic Now with SAAC National Concours Judging, Oct 14-15!!  (Read 286 times)


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SAAC Heads Up!  Indiana SAAC Fall Classic Show Now with SAAC National Concours Judging!  Oct 14-15, 2022 at the French Lick Resort, French Lick, Indiana.

SAAC National has partnered with the Indiana SAAC Regional Club to include National SAAC Concours Judging in their Fall Classic Show coming up this Oct 14-15 in French Lick, Indiana.

What does this mean?  The SAAC National Concours Team will be facilitating the judging of Concours level cars at this event to the same high level as a SAAC National Convention.  SAAC National Concours classes will be offered, judged with the same judging sheets and most importantly, the awards will be considered the same as if won at a National Convention.

The SAAC National Judging team is excited to offer this unique opportunity to our members in a completely indoor setting.

Time is running out quickly, so check your calendars and make your reservations.  The Indiana SAAC Club has longstanding success with their Spring Fling show and the Fall Classic, now in its 3rd year, assures to follow with the same high level of excellence!


Flyer attached.
Charles Turner


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This announcement is really big news for Indiana SAAC. All of us working behind the scene have been trying to make the Fall Classic one of the must go to shows. Now with the help from SAAC I think we can get it there.
French Lick is a very historic area, full of beautiful scenery,  and architecture,it is worth a visit by itself.
Hope to see many of you and your cars in French Lick.


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Big News! We are happy to have the SAAC National Judging Team play a very important role moving forward making this show even bigger and better.

Remember this is a all Ford show (pre 1974) and not just for concours cars. Hope to see you all Oct. 14 and Oct. 15.