Author Topic: Master's thesis Shelby American? someone did that, haven't read it yet  (Read 289 times)


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I ran across it on the net. haven't read it yet but thought I saw a mistake  on the one page i read--the student referred to Bristol. I'm going to bet he meant Bristol who made a car called the Beaufighter, but they never had anything to do with Shelby. The firm Shelby worked with was A.C. Cars Ltd. who made a car called the A.C. -Bristol. According to Mark McCourt in Hemmings "It wasn't long before the Bristol Aeroplane Company's 2.0-liter ( straight-six found its way into the Ace's roomy engine bay. This advanced, hemi-head engine had German roots, having originated as a prewar BMW design. In stock triple-Solex-carbureted form, it made between 105 and 128 hp, but was capable of up to 150 hp in race tune. The AC Ace-Bristol was an instant hit, competitive in both standard and endurance racing. Indeed, examples ran successfully at Le Mans in 1957 and 1958, and on this side of the pond, dominated contemporary SCCA events.

The Ace-Bristol would be sold until its engine stock ran out, Bristol having stopped producing the straight-six in 1961."
 When i get a copy of this thesis I'll see if I can find anything else or if it goes into new territory not touched upon in the regular car books.


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Re: Master's thesis Shelby American? someone did that, haven't read it yet
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Most interesting
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