Author Topic: will paint oil portrait 20" x 30" --your own or dream Shelby-related car  (Read 338 times)


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I have made over 100 paintings but only 10 to 12 have graduated from being 11" x 17" heavy stock paper to stretched canvas, in what are called giclees (GHEE CLAYS) Among them my 20" x 30" Ferrari giclees sold at Mecum Monterey 2022 and Mecum Chicago 2022. Another is in the Mullin Museum. if you have a good picture you'd like made into a painting to put over your mantel,  fly it by me and I'll let you know if the lighting in the shot  works. Or it could even be a scene from Shelby history (better in color, who knows what color the race cars in the background were if the reference shot is  black and white? (example here: Rem Charlie & Bob testing small block in Yurrip but I knew the color of the car) Style? Photorealistic on the cars but impressionistic in backgrounds. Send your nominee for your painting via e-mail to, Continental US only--cost me $300 to send a 20" x 30" to Hong Kong but only $75 in continental US!
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